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==SBRNVC Stuff==
==SBRNVC Stuff==
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Santa Barbara Regional Nonviolent Communication Team

Welcome to SBRNVC Wiki - a wiki for Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

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Vision, Mission, Aim

  • Vision: The SBRNVC community envisions a world where everyone is meeting their needs compassionately and resolving their conflicts peacefully.
  • Mission:
  • To live, promote, support and teach the use of NVC personally, interpersonally, and in organizations.
  • To strengthen our NVC community through connection, communication and growth.
  • Aims
Provide to our region:
  • NVC trainings and materials.
  • Collaborate with Adult Ed and other educational organizations on classes and workshops.
  • Scholarships for NVC training.
  • Support for NVC training in schools, prisons and other organizations.
  • Meetings to facilitate connection and collaboration among NVC trainers and supporters.
Provide to CNVC and the global NVC community:
  • Scholarships for IITs and other training events.
  • Measurements: Review annually and solicit feedback.

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Click here to read about our meetings.