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CNVC Board Meeting – Sept 10, 2008: Communication Coordinator Report

Note: Between Aug 20 and Sept 5, my primary focus was on preparing for, facilitating, documenting, and sharing outcomes of the GCC face-to-face meeting held Aug 23-28 with the Admin Team

Develop Mechanisms for Implementation of Board Communication Policy

Team News for the Network – mechanism for soliciting network input and feedback ? Determined that sharing team minutes “as is” with the NVC Global Network would not necessarily be needs-meeting for all teams ? Using the first three Educational Services Team meetings as a pilot, drafted “CNVC Educational Services News” that was approved by the team. ? This is in process of being implemented on the CNVC website. I’ll be coordinating with Pan to send out an email about this.

Feedback on Decisions - Notetaker Support / Instructions

? Again using the Educational Services Team as a sample, started drafting detailed instructions for how the feedback mechanisms demonstrated at the last Board meeting would be integrated into team minutes / news that is shared with the network. ? Elin has started experimenting with modifying this for Board minute purposes.

Monthly Schedule of CNVC Team Communications to the Network

? Based on research so far on CNVC teams’meeting, agenda preparation, and minute distribution practices, drafted a potential monthly communication schedule (first draft included 68 meeting-related steps per month across all regularly-meeting CNVC teams). Next step is to review the draft with each team for accuracy and feasibility. ? Note: the basis on which Board meetings are scheduled significantly increases the complexity of this schedule. Would the Board consider shifting the scheduling of its meetings to a consistent week of the month as soon as feasible for its members?

Communication Circle

? Developed proposal for initial Communication Circle members – the notetakers and coordinators (functional leaders) of all CNVC teams. Reviewed and approved by the Admin Team. ? Next steps: Send invitation / request to potential team members to first meeting. ?Consolidate results of Board Communication Policy implementation experiments that have been conducted with various CNVC teams into proposals for review / revision / consent at the first Circle meeting.

Work with CNVC Teams to Review, Revise, Approve and Implement Mechanisms

Have been working with the Office, Educational Services and Board Secretary and notetaker on this (building on work that has been done with the GCC and the GCC notetaking circle over the past year).

Monitor Implementation of Communication Policy

Have not had an opportunity to do much on this since the last Board meeting Next step is to get agreement by the Communication Circle on Communication Policy implementation practices and communication schedule. Then monitoring mechanisms can be developed.