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Welcome to the CNVC Board section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to gradually enable CNVC Board members and others they might select, to edit official documents. It is our hope that two needs may be met in this way. First, the international CNVC Board will be able to collaborate on the creation of official documents by using this wiki interface. Second, anyone interested in better understanding CNVC decisions will be able to watch the documents evolve and add their own comments and suggestions in the Public Comment areas.

Draft Board Agenda - August 2006 Meeting

New items

  • Update on status and plan on GCC recruitment plus the board to discuss the contributions it could collectively make to fostering representation on the GCC
  • Proposal for the face-to-face meeting in Atlanta: Designated key agenda items for attendance by speaker phone so that nominated and consented GCC members who cannot attend in person can participate in key decisions by phone. (Rationale: some persons may be nominated and selected to the GCC too late to make reasonably priced flight arrangements to attend the Atlanta meeting. Opening key agenda items to teleconference attendance would enable their voices to be heard where it most counts - without creating undue intrusion into the flow of the face-to-face meeting.)(John Buck)
  • Proposal to support the formation of Sociocratic Circles in the NVC network: Contributors to the governing body each declare a number of hours they are willing to 'donate' as faciliators in teleconferences scheduled by forming circles and communicate that level of willingness to members in the network via the trainers' and Friends of NVC mailing lists. (Rationale: Enhances connection with what's out there; offers contributors an opportunity to refine skills; supports an improved understanding of Sociocratic principles throughout the network; reduces the strain on John Buck; etc.)(Liz Gay)
  • Request to shift September teleconference forward by one week: September teleconference to take place one week ahead of normal scheduling - i.e. 6th as opposed to 13th September. (Rationale: allows participation of S&E Asia/Oceania Circle representative which is otherwise prohibited by her participation at a S&E Asia/Oceania Circle event.)(Liz Gay)
  • Currently there are 2 versions of the GCC proposal passed in May. One on the NVCWiki, and one on

Proposal: To bring unity and shared responsibility and empowerment with all who choose to join the governing body of CNVC and clarity in the network of inclusion, we change the original introductory paragraph of the GCC proposal on NVCWiki as stated on the CNVC website: "The Board is establishing procedures to insure representation by inviting present large geographic groups of one or more countries involved in NVC to nominate representatives by consent of their group to a newly constituted Global Coordinating Circle (GCC), which will serve as the guiding body for the international NVC community including CNVC. At the point where the Board accepts the first person nominated by an NVC region to the Board, the Board will rename itself the GCC." (Jori)

  • Concrete results arrising out of Jori's proposal (above) - Liz Gay is welcomed as a member of the Board of CNVC. The Board of CNVC is now called the GCC and future candidates to join the GCC are invited to acknowledge responsibility for the financial health, sustainability, and lawful responsibilities and actions of CNVC, its staff, and charter so long as CNVC exists as a legal 501-C(3) entity. (Rationale: Conveys a clear message to the network that its members are welcome in an governing body that is recognisable under the law. Protects against a situation where CNVC has too few members in a legally recognisable structure to be sustainable.)(Liz Gay)

Proposed revision: The Board of CNVC welcomes sociocratically elected circle prepresentatives as full voting members.
What I like about this wording: It's short, it addresses any concern that Board members are not equal, it leaves open the possibility of change.
What I dislike about this whole concept: It implicitly maintains what I believe to be the major source of pain in our network, namely the confusion of U.S. nonprofit tax deductible status with the governance of the CNVC office and the global NVC community.
Proposed alternative: The Board of Directors of the legal 501-C(3) corporation named CNVC hereby establishes the Global Circle for NVC (GCNVC) and passes to that body all legal governance of the CNVC office and the international NVC governance formerly directed by the legal 501-C(3) corporation named CNVC. The name of the legal 501-C(3) corporation is hereby changed to USCNVC and directs that name change be made to the incorporation authority. The sole purpose and function of the legal 501-C(3) corporation now named USCNVC is to provide and maintain the option of tax exempt status for donors seeking such tax exemptions within the U.S., and optionally to direct the disbursal of those funds. The USCNVC expressly conveys all other authority currently held or implied to the GCNVC. Current members of the USCNVC Board request automatic membership in the GCNVC with full and equal voting rights and responsibilities, acknowledging that this status will likely be changed at a future date by consent of the full GCNVC.
What I like about this alternative: It's long but enables a lot of change, it invites a new perception of the global NVC governing organization, it acknowledges the fact that the current U.S. tax group holds no special status in the global NVC community that gives it the right or responsiblity to set or enforce policy.
What I dislike about this alternative: I'm guessing that some Board members might not like it, we might not be ready to acknowledge such a giant leap even though I believe we have already made it, my own way of wording this doesn't meet my needs for diversity and I'm yearning for some help in expressing the differentiation between what I call the self-selected "Tax Group" of the new USCNVC and the emergent sociocratic governing body GCNVC.(John Wiley)

  • The GCC welcomes concrete proposals from its members that might close any remaining gaps - The GCC asks its members to develop and propose for consideration at future meetings strategies to support clarity and transparency, and to support an on-going process of realignment with governance decisions to date - e.g. GCC Governance Policies. (Rationale: delegates responsibility without delegating authority for the drafting of 'important but possibly not that urgent' policies that require consideration.)(Liz Gay)
  • Proposal for posting on our website:

Open source / copyrights Your contribution of making people aware of the work of Nonviolent Communicaiton is appreciated and can be a gift. All of the material on our website is available for public use. It can be downloaded reprinted and distributed freely. We request that you include "©The Center for Nonviolent Communication™" on any material distributed, and give CNVC credit for any quotes and the use of any ideas. We also request that on any printout you include our website address and our request for contributions that follows: "We share our material freely and we appreciate donations. A contribution that reflects your appreciation of what we offer and the value you receive will be used to further the development and distribution of Nonviolent Communication. We hope that you will find enough value to want to support the work we are doing and those of us doing it. There is however no obligation regardless of how many copies you print or distribute unless you are using the information for profit. If you would like to use this information for profit, please contact us regarding licensing the material. Contributions may be donated online at: or mailed to:

          The Center for Nonviolent Communication
          2428 Foothill Blvd, Suite E, La Crescenta, CA 91214

Items Carried Forward From July

  • Name Change
Proposal that the Board/GCC adopt the name Global Circle for NonViolent Communication (GCNVC) as our official new title, and that this name be used in all official publications and correspondence. This name would replace GCC and CNVC Board by combining those names to more accurately reflect the global, sociocratic and representative nature emerging in our organization. (John Wiley - 20 minutes)
  • Report on Leadership Process: Report on activities to date and planning for the future from the elected Leadership Process Leader. (Stefan - 20 minutes?)
  • CopyLeft
Begin discussion of a GCNVC Copyright Policy, and consideration of a Copyleft Proposal by Dieudonné Dard and John Abbe. (John Wiley) (5 minutes)
  • Endorsement: End War
Response to request for endorsement of 'End War in Iraq' campaign (5 mins)
  • Endorsement: Serious Peace
Request for endorsement of 'Serious Peace Alliance' (Integral Large Scale Conflict Transformation) (Stefan) (as time permits)


We ask non-Board members to reserve any comments until the time we have set aside for Observer feedback (up to 15 minutes toward the end of the meeting) when we will have direct discussion with observers and others in attendance who have honored us with their presence. We may also include other times for feedback, as our need for that arises and when there is sufficient time to listen to and address those comments.

Minutes July 2006 Board Meeting

July 2006 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Agenda - July 2006 Meeting

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Board Agenda - July 2006 Meeting.

Board Meeting Agenda Process Proposal

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Board Meeting Agenda Process proposal.

Board Agenda - June 2006 Meeting

Click here to view and edit (protected) the June 2006 Agenda.

Board Agenda - May 2006 Meeting

Click here to view and edit (protected) the May 2006 Agenda.

Board Policies

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Board Policies.

GCC Draft Proposal

This is a working document adopted by the CNVC Board May 2006 to create a global leadership group that is inclusive, responsive to, and representative of the entire global NVC community (for example by including sociocratically selected members) and linked into the CNVC board in a manner that allows for effective overall cooperation. The Global Coordinating Council (GCC) will include members nominated by councils of people from large geographic areas and populations made up of representatives of smaller more localized organizations and will thus provide linking of our community at the local level and to the global level providing the connections that can support our perspective and growth.

Click the dollowing links to view and edit (protected)

Criteria For CEO Selection

A draft outline of characteristics offered for consideration in generating a List of Criteria for selection of a CEO for CNVC.

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Criteria For CEO Selection.

CNVC IT Committee

Click here to visit the CNVC Information Technology (IT) page on NVCwiki.

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