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Welcome to the CNVC Board section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to gradually enable CNVC Board members and others they might select, to edit official documents. It is our hope that two needs may be met in this way. First, the international CNVC Board will be able to collaborate on the creation of official documents by using this wiki interface. Second, anyone interested in better understanding CNVC decisions will be able to watch the documents evolve and add their own comments and suggestions in the Public Comment areas.

Board Agenda - July Meeting

1500 Greeting all

  • Observer policy confirmation & check-in (~20 minutes)
  • Acceptance of agenda - Defer evaluation of John Wiley in position of President (ref April minutes) until August meeting

Items for dialogue (~ 85 minutes)

1520 Atlanta Board/GCNVC Meeting

Go ahead with the face-to-face Atlanta meeting as scheduled? (Jori) (~10 minutes)

1530 GCC Member

Consent to Anne Bourritt being on the GCC through December, and/or discuss her ability to participate. (all) (~10 minutes)

1540 E.D. Selection Leader

Appointment of Process Leader for Transition to Permanent Leadership Arrangement (all) (20mins)

1600 Vice-President

Selection of GCC vice-president (all) (~15 minutes)

1615 Name Change

Proposal that the Board/GCC adopt the name Global Circle for NonViolent Communication (GCNVC) as our official new title, and that this name be used in all official publications and correspondence. This name would replace GCC and CNVC Board by combining those names to more accurately reflect the global, sociocratic and representative nature emerging in our organization. (John Wiley - 15 minutes)

1630 Other Potential Agenda Items

  • Begin discussion of a GCNVC Copyright Policy, and consideration of a | Copyleft Proposal by Dieudonné Dard and John Abbe. (John Wiley) (5 minutes)
  • Response to request for endorsement of 'End War in Iraq' campaign (5 mins)
  • Request for endorsement of 'Serious Peace Alliance' (Integral Large Scale Conflict Transformation) (Stefan) (as time permits)

==1645 Closing round comments== (~15 mintues)

  • Observer check-out (~10 minutes) (short comments - email longer comments to Jori Manske)
  • What worked?
  • What did not and what you would have liked instead?
  • Board check-out (~5 minutes) (short comments - email longer comments to Jori Manske)
    • What worked?
    • What did not and what you would have liked instead?


We ask non-Board members to reserve any comments until the time we have set aside for Observer feedback (up to 15 minutes toward the end of the meeting) when we will have direct discussion with observers and others in attendance who have honored us with their presence. We may also include other times for feedback, as our need for that arises and when there is sufficient time to listen to and address those comments.

Board Agenda Proposals - July Meeting

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Board Agenda Proposals - July Meeting.

Board Meeting Agenda Process Proposal

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Board Meeting Agenda Process proposal.

Board Agenda Proposals - June Meeting

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Draft June Agenda.

Old Board Agenda Proposals - May Meeting

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Proposed May Agenda.

Board Policies

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Board Policies.

GCC Draft Proposal

This is a working document adopted by the CNVC Board May 2006 to create a global leadership group that is inclusive, responsive to, and representative of the entire global NVC community (for example by including sociocratically selected members) and linked into the CNVC board in a manner that allows for effective overall cooperation. The Global Coordinating Council (GCC) will include members nominated by councils of people from large geographic areas and populations made up of representatives of smaller more localized organizations and will thus provide linking of our community at the local level and to the global level providing the connections that can support our perspective and growth.

Click the dollowing links to view and edit (protected)

Criteria For CEO Selection

A draft outline of characteristics offered for consideration in generating a List of Criteria for selection of a CEO for CNVC.

Click here to view and edit (protected) the Criteria For CEO Selection.

CNVC IT Committee

Click here to visit the CNVC Information Technology (IT) page on NVCwiki.

How To Edit

Once Board members have logged in they can click "edit" in one of these "Protected" areas on the right margin of the section they're interested in to open an editing window and then scroll down in the text to add their own comments. Anyone can edit on the discussion page for each section. Insert empty lines to get paragraph breaks.

  • Put an asterisk * at the very start of a line to make it a bullet item.
  1. Put a pound sign # at the very start of a line to make it a numbered item.

If you want to create an indented line:

Put a colon : at the very start of a line to indent that line. Notice that if the line is long enough to reach the right margin, the entire paragraph will be indented. This indent continues until you create a new line in edit mode using your Enter/Return key.

With JavaScript and Images turned on (the default settings), most web browsers will display helpful buttons at the top of the editing windows that automatically create headers, etc.

You can experiment with editing just by clicking "edit" and typing something in, and then clicking "Show preview" at the very bottom (rather than "Save page") to see what your changes look like. If you don't like how it came out you can scroll down to the edit window and continue editing or just click on "cancel" to the right of "Save page" or on "article" at the top to bail out completely without making any permanent changes.

Even if you save changes you don't like, it's easy in the wiki interface to revert to previous versions. See the "history" function at the very top to get a sense of that. History is also great for finding out who made which changes and comparing different versions with colors to show which parts are different.

Be sure to also check out the "Recent changes" item in the "navigation" menu on the left. With that feature you can quickly see what has been written on the entire site, rather than looking up each item individually. Since the contributions on the site right now are mostly related to Board business, you'll probably see our discussions on the first page displayed.

If you'd like to experiment, click "edit" in the right margin next to the title of the next "Experiment" section and type in your text in the line below this one. If you have questions about how to use wiki, this would be a great place to ask them since others could see and learn from them too.

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How To Create A New Topic

An easy way to create a new topic is to simply put the name you'd like it to have inside double square brackets, and click Save Page. That will create an empty page, and a link to it that will be red in color until there is content at that location. To create the content, just click on the red link (which takes you to that empty page and puts you in Edit mode) and then type in the content. When you click Save Page for that, the link to it will change to blue color.