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Welcome to the CNVC Global Coordinating Council (GCC) section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to enable CNVC GCC members and Network Coordinators to connect and co-edit documents.

Note: This section is now distinct from the CNVC LT section.

Letter From Liz Gay - 2 Nov., 2006

Dear Trainers

Here’s a note to any members of this list who might have read the minutes and/or notes that were recorded during the recent face-to-face meeting of GCC members that took place in Atlanta from October 22nd to October 26th and are curious to hear how it was for me to listen to members in the GCC withdrawing their consent to have me participate in the meeting.

Through this mail I hope to contribute some reassurance to members in what is now called the Leadership Team that I am able to understand what might have motivated their decision. Also, I am happy to notice consideration appears to have been given towards creating a structure within the organisation that appears to me to clarify what various individuals are invited to contribute through their willingness to take on certain roles and what they are not.

I continue to mourn that the governing entity which convened on October 22nd could not find a way to move beyond session one of day one without implementing a strategy that failed to contribute to a variety of needs of mine, of S&EA/O’s and, I believe, of other members in the GCC and in the Network.

I feel hopeful that, under the new structure, there might be less opportunity for situations to arise where a particular individual imagines herself to be contributing something that’s wanted and doesn’t get to hear other people’s concerns around her participation until the opening session of a meeting she’s spent a large part of the previous 6 months endeavouring to prepare for.

Beyond this, I find myself valuing the re-emergence of a decision to appoint a ‘Network Connection Manager’, which appears to me a very similar to a decision described in the minutes of a Board meeting that took place in February 2006 but which, as far as I know, wasn’t ever acted upon until now.

I feel hopeful that a duly appointed Network Connection Manager or Managers can liaise with members in Sociocratic circles in such a way that needs expressed by members in those circles can be heard and responded to.

And I am pleased to imagine that Marshall has found a way to get his needs met in relationship with CNVC such that he appears to have amended an idea of his that he might choose to ‘part ways’ with it and found a different organisation.

As I notice these outcomes, I am able to derive some assurance that I did not contribute so much of my personal energy towards the GCC’s process without noticing some change in the quality of attention and support CNVC might prove willing to contribute towards those members in the global network who are committed to supporting its vision and mission.

For the meantime then, I have accepted S&EA/O’s invitation to serve out the rest of my term as its elected coordinator/spokesperson/whatever-the-hell-service- members’-imagined-I-might-endeavour-to-contribute-to-our-circle.

My term ends in December, and my preference at this time is to focus what’s left of my energy between now and then towards improving connections between trainers and supporters working in this region.

I am happy to receive mail from members in this list, and apologise in advance that I frequently receive more e-mail than I can easily handle and that I might not find time to respond in anything more than a fairly perfunctory manner.

Warmest regards meanwhile

Liz Gay