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<!-- Anything you'd like in a 1-column header goes between this and the first "{|" below. -->
<!-- Anything you'd like in a 1-column header goes between this and the first "{|" below. -->
Welcome to the CNVC Global Coordinating Council (GCC) section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to enable CNVC GCC members and Network Coordinators to connect and co-edit documents.
Welcome to the CNVC Global Coordinating Council (GCC) section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to enable CNVC GCC members and Network Coordinators to connect and co-edit documents.
:'''Note:''' This section is now distinct from the '''[[CNVC LT]]''' section. Also see our [[Sociocracy in NVC]] section.
:'''Note:''' This section is now distinct from the '''[[CNVC LT]]''' section. Also see our [[Sociocracy in NVC]] section.

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Welcome to the CNVC Global Coordinating Council (GCC) section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to enable CNVC GCC members and Network Coordinators to connect and co-edit documents.

Note: This section is now distinct from the CNVC LT section. Also see our Sociocracy in NVC section.

Aim of the Global Coordinating Council of CNVC: NVC Teams operating in every country of the world by 2017.

An NVC Team is composed of at least one CNVC certified trainer and one CNVC supporter. Each team develops its own mission and aim(s) within the vision and mission of CNVC, inclusively inviting interested community members to participate within their circle. Teams operate with autonomy to fulfill their goals while working interdependently within the guidelines and policies of CNVC.

As multiple teams emerge within a given area, they work cooperatively together to build life-affirming systems of mutual support, focusing on the vision and mission of CNVC.

Individual members of teams cultivate an ever-increasing ability to "live the process" of Nonviolent Communication.

Willkommen zum CNVC Globalen Koordinierenrat (GCC) Abschnitt von NVCwiki. Das Ziel von diesem Gebiet soll CNVC GCC Mitglieder und Netzekoordinatoren zu verbinden ermöglichen und co Dokumente redigiert.


Monica Reu writes: "The Eastern European Network had its monthly teleconference meeting Nov 10, 2006 and following a sociocratic election process Laura Liliom from Hungary was elected to represent our network in the teleconference on the 28th of November."

The S&EA/O Circle hosted A 2006 NVC Leadership event, and is considering one in 2007.



Dear Community,

We invite you to consider how you would like to be linked to others practicing NVC in your local area and to the broader NVC community. Would you like to contribute to this connectivity?

As sociocratically selected leaders of the new GCC for the coordination of NVC communities worldwide, I am delighted that Jim and I will working together to support the connectivity that could fuel global social transformation through the growth of NVC consciousness. We are committed to the fulfillment of the vision of having NVC teams in every country in the world. We will be working to help build teams in areas that do not have them, and learning from and supporting connection with existing NVC groups. This is one of the major areas of functionality identified for CNVC at the recent Board meeting.

We will be meeting later this month with the representatives previously nominated by existing circles to explore the structures and strategies that will provide representation and mutual connection that will support us all in fulfilling our shared vision of the growth of compassionate giving, joy, and nonviolence in the world.

We welcome your feedback about what support you would like in building your community, or in healing any lack of connection currently for you in connecting with CNVC or others practicing NVC in your community.

With warmth and delight,

Jori and Jim nonviolentcommunication@gmail.com


Liebe Gemeinschaft in Gewaltfreier Kommunikation,

Wir laden euch alle ein, darüber nachzudenken, in welcher Art ihr verbunden sein wollt mit Menschen, die die Gewaltfreie Kommunikation leben, sowohl in eurer Region und auch in einem weiter gefassten Rahmen der NVC-Gemeinschaft. Möchtet ihr zu dieser Verbundenheit beitragen?

Als soziokratisch gewählte Leiter des neu eingerichteten GCC (Weltweiter Koordinierungsrat), der die Arbeit der NVC-Gemeinschaften weltweit koordinieren soll, bin ich froh darüber, dass Jim und ich zusammenarbeiten werden, um die Verbundenheit zu unterstützen, die zu einem Wachsen des Bewusstseins für gewaltfreie Kommunikation beiträgt und dadurch die globale soziale Transformation vorantreibt.

Wir haben den Willen, an der Erfüllung unserer Vision zu arbeiten, Teams in Gewaltfreier Kommunikation in jedem Land der Welt zu haben. Wir werden unterstützend beim Aufbau von Teams mitwirken in Gegenden, wo noch keine existieren. Dabei werden wir die Verbindung zu den Teams unterstützen, die es bereits gibt und von ihnen lernen. Dies ist eine der Hauptaufgaben für das CNVC, wie wir auf dem letzten Board Meeting herausgefunden haben.

In Laufe dieses Monats werden wir uns mit den kürzlich von den bereits arbeitenden Kreisen aufgestellten Repräsentanten treffen, um Strukturen und Strategien zu untersuchen, die eine Repräsentation und gegenseitige Verbindung leisten können. Von dieser Repräsentation und gegenseitigen Verbindung erhoffen wir uns eine breite Unterstützung, um diese uns gemeinsame Vision von wachsendem Mitgefühl, Geben und Nehmen von Herzen, Freude und Gewaltfreiheit in der Welt, mehr und mehr ins Leben holen zu können.

Wir freuen uns über Rückmeldungen, welche Art von Unterstützung ihr braucht, um eure Gemeinschaft aufzubauen oder eine momentan fehlende Verbindung zu heilen, und um euch mit dem CNVC und anderen "gewaltfrei" Aktiven in eurer Gemeinschaft zu verbinden.

With warmth and delight, (Etwa: Mit Wärme und Freude)

Jori and Jim nonviolentcommunication@gmail.com


Cher(chère) membre de la Communauté CNV,

Ce message est une invitation à réfléchir à la manière dont vous souhaiteriez être reliés aux autres personnes pratiquant la CNV dans votre région ou, plus largement, dans le monde. Voulez-vous contribuer à la mise en place de liens entre nous?

Jim et moi avons été élus sociocratiquement directeurs du nouveau Cercle Général de Coordination chargé de coordonner les communautés CNV de par le monde. Je me réjouis de nous voir travailler ensemble au service d'une telle mise en lien qui, grâce à la conscience CNV, contribuera au changement social dans le monde. Nous nous sommes engagés à réaliser la vision consistant à mettre en place des équipes CNV dans tous les pays du monde. Nous aiderons à la création d'équipes dans les régions où elles sont inexistantes. Nous nous inspirerons et encouragerons les liens déjà établis entre les groupes CNV existants. Il s'agit d'une des missions principales confiées au Centre pour la CNV lors de la dernière réunion du Board.

Dans le courant de ce mois, nous rencontrerons les représentants préalablement désignés par les cercles existants afin d'explorer les structures et les stratégies propres à assurer la représentation et le niveau d'échange qui nous aideront tous à réaliser notre vision commune: voir la bienveillance, la joie et la non-violence grandir dans le monde.

Nous serions ravis de savoir comment nous pouvons vous aider à créer votre communauté ou à remédier à un éventuel manque d'échange avec le Centre pour la CNV ou avec d'autres personnes pratiquant la CNV autour de vous.

Très chaleureusement, au plaisir de vous lire,

Jori et Jim



The GCC functions include contributing to support and connection throughout the CNVC network, sustaining existing circles and helping to cultivate new circles. We have a goal of having an NVC team in every country of the world by 2016. Our aspiration is that the GCC and these teams will live the process of NVC as fully as possible.

The GCC, like all the circles, is both an autonomous and interdependent entity empowered with determining and implementing strategies to fulfill its functionality within mutually determined guidelines. It will be linked to the decision-making in the Leadership Team through membership of its functional leaders and representatives.

As part of a sociocratic system, communication and power will be both "top down" and "bottom up". The GCC is one of a few "top level" circles of the LT and the functional leader(s) of the GCC are thus members of the LT which is responsible for the overall functioning of the organizations day-to-day business. Eventually, there will be an elected representative from the GCC as well that will sit on the LT, fulfilling the aspiration of double-linking.

We hope to have a GCC representative on the LT by the end of 2007. This will require clarity about the structure of the GCC which we are currently working on.

The leaders of the GCC are Jim and Jori Manske, elected sociocratically by the LT in October, 2006. To communicate via email with Jim and Jori, send mail to nonviolentcommunication@gmail.com; Jim's Skype name is jimjori; Jori's Skype name is jorijim.


South and East Asia/Oceania Circle

Minutes of meeting with SEA&O, 3 November 2006

Hi everyone

These notes have been posted on our yahoo group as well. If anyone present at the meeting is unhappy with how I have recorded an aspect of the meeting please do let me know. I I have omitted anyone in the apologies please also let me know.

with care, Linda

Minutes for extra-ordinary meeting of SEA&O November 3, 2006

Present: Linda Rysenbry, Liz Gay, Cate Crombie (initially), Cherie Scott Jim & Jori Manske

Apologies: Shari Macree, Dorset Campbell Ross, Chris Rajendram, Ron Ngata

Checking-in: Linda – Grateful for Liz’s impulse for this meeting and grateful for Jori and Jim’s enthusiasm to get together. Liz – Hopeful of getting clarity and understanding and looking forward to the call Cherie – grateful to have managed to get on to the call by phone and happy to be here Jim – Enjoys community and remembering recently assisting another group in establishing connection and a circle and looking forward to contributing to SEA&O and others. Contributing to community is the ‘juice’ he enjoys. Jori – met Jim in community and is looking forward to an increase in connection in the Network. Sees the power of creation is in connections we make. Celebrating the restructuring designed in Atlanta is based on functionality rather than geography and therefore more in alignment with sociocracy.

Exchange around the intention of the meeting during which Jori – expressed intention for the meeting to be about connecting and then seeing how we decide to remain connected ongoingly and Liz – expressed desire for answers to questions she had about the output of the Atlanta meeting.

Through questions and discussion we:

· looked at the minutes from Atlanta – in particular the new structure – http://en.nvcwiki.com/images/Minutes_Addendum_v3.pdf

Jori clarified that the structure is intended and agreements have been made, that support freedom to act by individuals who fulfil leadership roles eg. The Network managers Jim & Jori and Marshall & Valentina in their leadership roles, in circumstances that are extraordinary have the prior agreement of the team/GCC to take action as they see fit.

Liz sought clarifications and received empathy

Cherie – expressed that it matters very much to her HOW things are actioned. And not knowing details felt concerned about HOW actions had been taken regarding Liz gay’s membership Of the GCC.

Jim and Jori shared personal mourning in connection to the above.

Linda – acknowledged Jori’s personal mourning and expressed desire to hear a collective expression from the GCC (if it was true for them) of mourning. Feeling concerned about there being a ‘group’ that made the decision and now not having a sense of connection to the ‘group’. Empathy around fears connected to groups acting in a way which individuals later have misgivings about. Accepting that all were doing their best at the time; needing safety and to know that something has been harvested that might support us not repeating this.

Jori – expressed her personal harvest relating to having not taken action when she heard one more word than she would enjoy to hear. Enquired as to whether Linda would enjoy to contact all the GCC members and hear their harvest.

Checking out

Cherie – Glad to have taken the time to be present on the call and appreciating the connection having been heard.

Jim – Pleased with what was accomplished and sensing that we are part way toward where we want to be. Looking forward to the next part. Proposed another meeting be scheduled – all agreed.

Linda – Feeling light and very happy to have connected to need for harvesting and learning. Appreciating Jim and Jori having taken on the role of Network managers and looking forward to how we grow from here.

Liz and Jori remained on the line.

Next meeting date and time to be forwarded when established.
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