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Welcome to the CNVC Board section of NVCwiki. The goal of this area is to enable CNVC Board members and others they might select, to edit official documents. It is our hope that two needs may be met in this way. First, the CNVC Board will be able to collaborate on the creation of official documents by using this wiki interface. Second, anyone interested in better understanding CNVC decisions will be able to watch the documents evolve and add their own comments and suggestions in the Public Comment areas. CNVC Board and CNVC LT sections of this wiki until recently were combined due to extensive overlap, but are now maintained separately.

Note: This section is now distinct from the CNVC LT and CNVC GCC sections.
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Board Teleconferences

Regularly scheduled meetings

  • First double-digit Wednesday of each month (Note: subject to change)
    • 1900 UT/GMT - Noon LA & AZ - 1pm Denver - 9pm Paris - 4am Seoul (Thursday)
  • NEW US Dial-n Number: +1.605.772-3100
  • Participant Access Code: 825078#
  • NEW European Dial-in Numbers:
    • Austria: 0820 4000 1552
    • Belgium: 070 35 9974
    • France: 0826 100 256
    • Germany: 01805 00 76 09
    • Ireland: 0818 270 021
    • Italy: 848 390 156
    • Netherlands: 9004 353 535
    • Spain: 902 886025
    • Switzerland: 0848 560 179
    • UK: 0870 35 204 74
  • Free Conference Play Back
    • Playback Number, US: +1.641.985.5016
    • Access Code: 825078#

Observer Request for Board meetings

We ask non-Board members to reserve any comments until the time we have set aside for feedback (up to 15 minutes toward the end of the meeting) from Observers who have honored us with their presence. We may also include other times for feedback, as our need for that arises and when there is sufficient time to listen to and address those comments.

Please press 6 to mute and unmute your line during the call.


To Members of the Center for Nonviolent Communication Network: We would like to catch you up on some recent changes being made in our administrative structure.

1. Jori Manske is no longer filling the position of Interim Executive Director. We are deeply grateful for how she has supported our organization. She will now be able to put her efforts in her position of Co-leader of the GCC.

2. Administrative work previously done within the position of Interim Executive Director will presently be coordinated by our new Office Manager, Margo Pair, supported by the Board and Leadership Team.

Board Members and Leadership Team
  John Wiley (Board President),
  Stefan Wisbauer (Board Vice-President & Secretary),
  Katherine Singer (Treasurer emeritis),
  Marshall Rosenberg (Board Member & Leadership Team Functional Leader),
  Valentina Rosenberg (Board Member & Leadership team Functional Leader),
  Margo Pair (Board Member & Leadership Team Functional Leader),
  Robert Gonzales (Board Member),
  Jori Manske (Board Member & Leadership Team - GCC),
  Jim Manske (Leadership Team - GCC),
  Anne Wiley (Leadership Team - Synergy),
  William Poehner (Leadership Team - IT),
  Danielle Beenders (Leadership Team - Office Representative)

Board Minutes – 08/15/2007 Meeting

(Teleconference) August 15,2007 10:00am PST

In Attendance:

  • Board Members: John Wiley (President), Valentina Rosenberg (Treasurer), Robert Gonzales, Marshall Rosenberg, Jori Manske, Stefan Wisbauer (Vice President), Margo Pair (Interim Secretary).
  • Observers: Danielle Beenders (LT), John Buck (Meeting Facilitator), Dee Soule (note-taker), Doug Johnson, Ted and Glenda Mattinson.


  • Group check-in.
  • Consent by Board to last meeting minutes (July,11 2007)
  • Next Board meeting: September 25, 2007 at 3:00pm EST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST.
  • Agenda Amendments:
    • 1.Valentina requested a moment of silence for Anne Wiley’s healing and recovery, to be added before consent agenda (1 min.)
    • 2.Robert requested a report/update on the Certification process from Marshall, to be addressed after agenda item ‘Adding board members’ (10 min.)
    • 3.John W. requested a report/update on the CNVC website, to be addressed after agenda item ‘Certification Process’ (5 min.)

Consent by Board to Agenda with amendments.

Consent Agenda

Decision: Margo promoted to “Administrative Director” with pay increase (retroactive pay date to July 26, 2007).
Needs: effectiveness, clarity, integrity, support

Regular Agenda


Report on budget (Margo)

Margo prepared a profit/loss report from Quickbooks to share CNVC’s financial standing comparatively between Jan-Jun ’06 and Jan-Jun ’07. Overall, CNVC is up 22.8% including a 24% increase in material sales. She will be sending future financial reports to all members of the Board, and invites feedback from members about the format she uses to provide the information.

  • Decision: The next face-to-face Board Conference will be in ABQ 1:00pm Thursday, Nov.1 to 4pm Sunday, Nov.4.
  • Needs: Planning, clarity, effectiveness.
  • Action Items:
    • Action item: Margo will prepare a general proposed budget on currently established priorities, and circulate to all members at least 1 week before the September meeting.
    • Action item: An agenda item on the agenda for the September meeting will be “discussion on planning for face-to-face Conference in ABQ”


Organizational review committee report (Robert)

Needs: information, discussion, clarity

  • Robert presented a report from the Ad Hoc committee who met on July 26th. The report includes 3 Proposals for organizational structure, and two tables (one for decisions and one for roles)------------------------ATTACHED?
  • After reading the 3 proposals, the Board then engaged in a reaction round. Questions for clarity were addressed and answered. Some members of the Board expressed concerns about consenting to the proposed items until further discussion/clarity.
  • Others and felt enthusiastic around the idea of someone filling a role that would oversee the flow of communication proposed in 2a.
  • Jori recommended that the Board evaluate where we are now and what kind of information is important to relay and to whom. She also requested to meet with John W. and Robert (and anyone else interested) to brainstorm ideas about the Ad Hoc’s committee on communication
  • Robert felt confused by some concern John W. expressed in regards to the differing structures between the Board and the LT, and requested an off-line conversation with John W. (and anyone interested).

Action Items:

    • Action item: John Buck will be in dialogue with Valentina (and anyone else interested) about the report/proposals presented by the Ad Hoc Committee. After further discussion, the proposals will be addressed/considered again by email before the next Board meeting.
    • Action item: Send John Buck any proposals for committees in the next 10 days, for consideration of implementation.


Update of search for new Board members (Margo/John B.)

Needs: Diversity, support, availability of replacement Officers

  • Margo didn’t receive any recommendations/nominations from Board members since the last Board meeting.
    • Action item: Margo will send all Board members 2 reminders to submit names for possible future Board members before the next meeting in September.


Update on Certification process

  • Marshall and Valentina have met with Rita and Margo to discuss the process for certification. Another meeting is scheduled sometime next week with Rita, Margo, Marshall and Valentina.
  • Valentina feels clarity has been reached about Marshall’s concept of social change, and about Rita’s role/contributions in the Certification process.
  • The office has been providing, and plans to continue providing monthly updpates for the network on the website, friendsofnvc, candidates and trainers lists.
  • Valentina expressed needs for inclusion and equality, and suggested having these announcements translated into German and French as well.
  • Marshall added that he is examining how to measure whether candidates are prepared to work with a local nvc circle, and whether their social change aspect of work is in harmony with that circle and CNVC.
  • Jori added this is also being examined in the GCC.


Update on the CNVC Website

  • John W. annnounced that the IT team hopes to have the new website up and running within a week. He also requested that all Board members visit the fully functioning test site, and provide feedback about it’s layout and function to William by email.
  • The cnvc “test” website for feedback is


Tracking Proposals/Decisions

  • Jori has updated the document that tracks agreements/action items established in Board Meetings. She has made it available for viewing as a google document, and requests that all Board members to view it and make comments/requests, etc.
  • Jori is willing to continue maintaining the decision-tracker with joy.
  • The document may be viewed as a google doc at


  • Stefan: appreciates John’s facilitation, enjoying the new website and excited to see it’s potential put to use.
  • Marshall: appreciates John’s facilitation.
  • Valentina: appreciates John’s time and effort. Grateful for patience regarding ad-hoc proposals. Celebrating connection and Margo’s title change. Enjoying a sense of progress each day.
  • Margo: Appreciates level of connection. Acknowledges daily activities of all involved, and appreciates the Board’s assistence in keeping cnvc’s overall vision/mission present.
  • Robert: Pleased, enjoyed connection and John’s facilitation. Sense of accomplishment and forward movement. Excited about interim website.
  • Jori: Smiling. Appreciating connections. Sense of community working together. Appreciates Margo’s work/contributions and John’s ability to lead a meeting. Request for contact information/agenda to be distributed at least one week before future Board Meetings. Looks forward to discussion about committee for communication.
  • John W: Feels strong sense of warmth and connection. Celebrating website, and accomplishments. Excited to have Margo on the team. Heard a shift regarding certification, feels hopeful for process to be improved and implemented soon.
  • John B: encourages everyone to joi the meeting minutes before scheduled start time. Will talk to William for info on posting info on the new website.
  • Danielle: Excited about forward movement. Appreciates being able to be present, curious about next face-to-face being open to ovservers.

Board Minutes – 07/11/2007 Meeting

(Teleconference) July 11, 2007 7:00am PST

In Attendance:

  • Board Members: John Wiley (President), Valentina Rosenberg (Treasurer), Robert Gonzales, Marshall Rosenberg, Jori Manske, Stefan Wisbauer (Vice President), Margo Pair (Interim Secretary).
  • Observers: Danielle Beenders (LT), John Buck (Facilitator), Dee Soule (note- taker), William Poehner (LT), Jim Manske (LT/GCC), Katherine Singer and Glenda Mattinson.


  • Consent by Board to John Buck facilitating the meeting.
  • Group check-in.
  • Consent by Board to last meeting minutes (Jun. 13, 2007)
  • Consent to proposed agenda
  • Consent to recording the teleconference.
  • Announcements:
  • Next Board meeting (teleconference) will take place Wednesday August 15, 2007 at 10:00am PST.

Consent Agenda

  • Decision: Margo Pair is elected to the Board with a term of one year.
Needs: Clarity, effectiveness, diversity.

Regular Agenda


What input does the Board have around having an agreed draft for a budget for 2007 and 2008 by the next Board Meeting (to be organized by Margo)?

Needs: Clarity, accountability, planning
  • The group agreed that a clearly defined budget would be helpful and necessary for the organization, and expressed relief/gratitude that someone is willing to organize this development.
  • Request was made for mini-strategic plans (goals, timelines, aim, resources, etc.) to be included in the formation of this budget.

Action Item:

Margo will make a call out to LT teams for budget input (on current strategic initiatives and resources), and provide a report for the Board in the next meeting.


Margo will serve the Board as Secretary for an interim period of 4 months (with the intent to add more Board Members and to re-visit descriptions of roles in the near future).

Needs: Clarity, effectiveness, diversity.
Secretary Responsibilities include:
  • Ensure that meeting minutes are kept and distributed to the entire organization.
  • Track member attendance and terms of the Board and Officers.
  • Give all notices required by the by-laws.
  • Maintain custody of the corporate records and the seal of the corporation.
  • Maintain familiarity with legal documents (articles, by-laws, IRS letters, etc) to note applicability during meetings.
  • Maintain a written record of current Board Policies.
  • Keep a register of the post office and email addresses of each member.


Organizational Review Committee Report

Needs: Information, discussion, clarity.
  • The Ad Hoc committee’s original aim was to document “what is” in terms of current policies and procedures. New ideas about how they would like CNVC to function have formed.
  • A committee meeting was scheduled for July 26, 2007 at 9:00am PST (for 2 hours) to discuss organizational review and how the committee wants to adjust the way things are done (What are the next steps are for the committee?). This committee meeting will also address John Wiley’s proposal for a specific Organizational structure.

Action Item:

John Buck will create and distribute a table for decisions according to the type of decision that was made (ex: HR decisions, managerial decisions, etc.)


How would we like to see Board Members added in the future? (added to agenda during discussion about Secretary election)

Needs: Clarity
  • In the past, Board Members would make a list of suggested people to be added to the Board. A person would contact these people to find out what skills they had to get clarity about how he/she might contribute to the Board. Then, nominations would be brought to the group for elections.
  • Board Members could be added sociocratically, according to the formation of regional and other kinds of circles.
  • The group would like nominees to be invited to Board meetings.
  • The Board would like new Board Members to represent different regional areas in time zones that are compatible for Board meetings. Wanting more diversity in agenda and culture. Ability to attend face-to-face meetings.
  • Short-term: the Board would like to find someone with skills and willingness to serve as Board Secretary.

Action Item:

All Board Members will send nominations for future Board Members (people with diversity in culture and agenda, time zone compatibility, ability to attend face-to-face meetings, with skills/willingness to take on roles like Secretary) to Margo within one week, to be circulated for consent (to approach them about becoming a Board Member).


  • John W: appreciated John Buck’s facilitation. Feels heart-connection and enjoyed the shift in what he perceived to be clarity and forward movement. Excited and hopeful.
  • Jori: Likes highlighting the idea of highlighting action items, enjoyed the facilitation and opportunity for connection. Has sense of moving forward.
  • Valentina: Appreciated facilitation, warmth in heart, addressing feelings/needs. Looks forward to the next two meetings. Wants to connect with Margo about how we can share progress that is being made with the entire network. Content and hopeful.
  • Marshall: enjoyed facilitation style. Sense of accomplishment.
  • Stefan: Eager to pursue topic regarding John Wiley’s announcement. Eager for info from Germany with Marshall and Valentina. Frustrated about slowness/efficiency of process.
  • Margo: enjoyed experience, appreciates everyone’s participation. Has deep sense of direction and accomplishment. Appreciative for facilitation.
  • John B: enjoyed the meeting, would really like everyone to show up on time for efficiency.
  • Katherine: feels connected, happy Margo is present and on the Board.
  • Glenda: enjoyed the meeting, getting good sense of the clarity the Board wants. Noticed different perceptions of what role the Secretary, thinks consent on the role/responsibilities first might help with efficiency of election process.
  • Danielle: enjoyed the facilitation, concerned about workload for Margo. Wants another person to serve as Secretary as soon as possible.
  • William: pass
  • Jim: Learned a lot from John’s facilitation, enjoyed that he included the entire group for feedback, and using clarity to find consent/objection. Excited about 2 projects currently in the works with the GCC. Made a request for all present to make contribution of at least $10 to GCC to maintain non-profit status.

Board Agenda - 07/11/07 Meeting

1400 GMT, 10:00am US ET, 7:00am AZ/CA, 4:00pm Geneva, 8:00am NM, 3:00pm London

  • 7:00am PT - Check-in (15 min.)


  • 7:15 Requests for agenda changes, Announcements, Next Meeting (5 min).

Consent Agenda

  • 7:20 (10 min.)
  • Proposal: Margo is elected to the Board with a term of one year.
Needs: Diversity, effectiveness and connection.

Regular Agenda

  • 7:30 Budget discussion (Margo, 30 min.)
Needs: Clarity, accountability, planning.
  • 8:00 Board Secretary selection and term (John Buck, 15 min.).
  • Ensure that meeting minutes are kept and distributed to the entire organization.
  • Track member attendance and terms of the Board and Officers.
  • Give all notices required by the by-laws.
  • Maintain custody of the corporate records and the seal of the corporation.
  • Maintain familiarity with legal documents (articles, by-laws, IRS letters, etc) to note applicability during meetings.
  • Maintain a written record of current Board Policies.
  • Keep a register of the post office and email addresses of each member.
Needs: Clarity, effectiveness, diversity.
  • 8:15 Organizational Review Committee Report (Robert Gonzales, 20 min.).
Needs: Information, discussion, clarity.
  • 8:35 Discussion of strategies to expand Board membership (John Buck, 10 min.).
Needs: Diversity, support, availability of a replacement Secretary.
  • 8:45 Action Items from this meeting (John Buck, 5 min.).
Needs: Effectiveness, Clarity, follow-through on Decisions.
  • 8:50 Check-out (10 min.)

Board Agenda & Minutes - 06/13/07

Board Agenda & Minutes - 05/23/07

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Board Minutes - 03/14/07

Minutes - Board & LT Conference, February 24, 2007

Agenda - February Board/LT Conference (Albuquerque)

Board Agenda - January 10 Meeting

Board Minutes - December 2006 Meeting

Board Agenda - December 2006 Meeting

  Jim and Jori's Report as Coordinators of the GCC

  John Wiley's Initial Report on "E.D." Role Analysis

Marshall's Statement to the NVC network

Minutes October 21-25 CNVC GCC/Board Conference (N.Carolina)

Note: A major decision at this meeting was redefining LT, Board and GCC.

Older Documents - GCC Before LT Creation