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The proposal

Here is a request to the CNVC Board. Everybody is welcome to improve it. --Dieudonné

When I see the powerful human networks arising from free/open source software, I would like the same energy at the service of the NVC network. This would would meet my need to donate my time with confidence that my gifts will merge with other's gifts to spread NVC rapidly and freely around the world. Therefore I ask the CNVC rather than only use copyright protections, to also protect some NVC creations with a "copyleft" agreement such as the ones developed here:

An application of this would be for example to allow a DVD of Marshall's conference in Bordeaux to spread around the world via free high-speed internet technologies like BitTorrent, protected by a copyleft or creative commons licence. That would mean that anyone could legally share and perhaps (depending on the exact license) modify the video on the DVD, but only if that right remained with whatever they distribute or modify. This would protect the work from exclusive commercial use by others, while helping to spread NVC more broadly.

Linked to this proposal

Further discussion

Further discussion of this proposal may be found on NVCwiki :


Certified trainers are already sharing NVC creations with “copylfet attitude” mention on it. Among them, Robert Bouchard, formerly judge specialized on copyrights questions between artists and producers. On his website, one can download find more about it.

This request was on the CNVC Board's Agenda, and found a first answer here : August_2006_GCC_Meeting_Minutes#Decision:_3.