Board Agenda & Minutes - 09/25/07

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Proposed Agenda for Sep 25 Board Meeting (teleconference)

(19:00 GMT)Check in

(19:15) Administrative matters

  • Announcements (All)
  • Next meeting: Nov 1 - 4, Albuquerque. (Logisitics: Margo)
  • Documents for meeting: Financial report (Margo)
  • Acceptance of Aug 15 minutes
  • Acceptance of today's agenda

- (19:25) Election of Board president (role description: see "Documents" section of Aug 15 minutes, below, "Duties of CNVC Directors." Proposed term: through March 2008.
(needs / rationale: efficiency and security, meet legal requirements)

- (19:45) Report on possible names for new Board members. Proposal: Form ad hoc nominating committee to find new board members. (Margo)
(needs / rationale: Diversity, support, availability of replacement Officers)

- (19:50) Approval of new building lease. (Margo)
(needs / rationale: safety, efficiency, city says we must move from current location)

- (19:58) Preparation for face-to-face meeting Nov 1-4. Report on exploration of communication and strategic planning - per action item of last meeting (John) Brainstorm topics for meeting agenda and assign for preparation. (all)
(needs / rationale: information, discussion, clarity, ensuring meeting starts with momentum)

- (20:15) Clarification of LT role and discussion with a view to resuming LT meetings (Stefan)
(needs / rationale: connection and transparency, ensuring key voices can play part in decision-making and strategizing)

- (20:30) Update on certification (Marshall)
(needs / rationale: information on key issue)

- (20:40) Review of previous decisions. See Items on lines 7 and 22-25 already addressed in this meeting. Proposal: Defer items on lines 10 and 17-21 for the face-to-face meeting next month.
(needs / rationale: efficiency, clarity

(20:45) Check out