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The Asia Pacific Sociocratic Circle Coordinated by members in the Asia Pacific Sociocratic Circle


To coordinate publicity, fund-raising and training activities in the Asia Pacific region, supporting NVC teachers and trainers in reaching those living in under-resourced areas, particularly those at war and/or living in poverty.

History and background

A group of 5 CNVC trainers who are also friends began teleconferencing together in 2005, formulating strategies for collaboration across international boarders. In 2006, these individuals extended an invitation to NVC leaders living in other countries to contribute an elected representative to CNVC’s Global Coordinating Circle. As of May 2006, the Asia Pacific Sociocratic Circle draws delegates from 6 countries (Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Sri Lanka) who participate in monthly teleconference sessions.

Current status

Teleconference ‘meetings’ are facilitated using Sociocratic principles and provide an open forum for discussion, allowing members to share what is important to them and request support from others towards collaborative projects.

Members in the Asia Pacific Circle also intend to facilitate a face-to-face meeting of NVC leaders in the Asia Pacific Region on an annual basis, starting with a gathering that will take place in Queensland, Australia in September 2006.

Breakthroughs during 2006

March 2006 Representatives from India, South Korea and Sri Lanka join our Circle meetings. The election of the first Regional Representative to join CNVC’s Global Coordinating Committee.

April 2006 Applications from advocates in India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Uganda to join a gathering of NVC leaders scheduled to take place in Queensland, Australia.

May 2006 Elected representative joins the GCC. First representative from New Zealand joins our Circle meetings.

Plans for the coming year

  • To contribute a representative to CNVC’s governing body
  • To establish a regional identity at the CNVC website
  • To host a gathering of NVC Leaders in Queensland, Australia by September 2006
  • To obtain training in Sociocracy and to share this with others
  • To expand our capacity to deliver training across the Asia Pacific Region
  • To create a fund raising strategy that can support NVC-related projects

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