Asia-Pacific Regional Circle

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Welcome to an area created by CNVC Trainer, Liz Gay, a contributor in the newly established Asia-Pacific Sociocratic Circle.

Members in the APSC may make use of these area as a space where documents it aims to produce collaboratively can be edited. Use of this resource might simultaneously allow those individuals interested in better understanding the APSC's commitment to growing NVC in that Asia Pacific Region to observe its processes as these continue to evolve, and to add their own comments in the Public Comment areas. Watch this space to notice ASPC members' and observers' enthusiasm/not in making use of this facility!

We Are All Leaders!

Advocates for NVC living in the Asia Pacific Region are warmly encouraged to participate at a retreat scheduled to take place in Queensland, Australia during September 2006, which we hope can bring together NVC organisers, teachers, trainers, sharers and dreamers from different countries in our area. Visit our web ad and do please keep in touch.