2008 NVC Compassion In Action Festival

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Invitation to Shape the Event

NOTE: the event was not named in the meeting, and is not named at this time. Rick wanted a place for people to put their ideas, and the place needed a page name. Please include naming the event with your suggestions.

Please add your ideas by pressing edit, going to the bottom of the page, and adding to the list. And item appears as a list item when it is on a line that begins with an asterisk (*). It is indented bullet item if there are two or more asterisks.

Seeding Ideas

Taken from and expanded on the meeting notes for NVC USA Meeting 15 Jul 2007

  • A week long Giraffe Festival inspired by the 2003 International NVC Convention in Munich.
  • A weekend Compassion In Action Conference patterned after the 2006 integrating in adjustments learned from that conference.
  • Weave together the two ideas, supporting a week long Compassion In Action / Giraffe Festival which includes having people there for only the last weekend.
  • Have a noted speaker from the NVC scheduled to present each day.
  • Have a daily break out relating to peer groups such as listed on NVC USA Project Projects
  • Indentify people who would be willing to take a lead and support them creating the event they'd be willing to lead.
  • Arts woven through the event
    • Making T Shirts
    • Making NVC signs (such as for a protest, march, something you'd put up in your window)
    • Music
  • Playback Theater
    • Presentations
    • Training in Playback
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Sports
    • facilities for workout, tennis, swimming (some may have fees)
  • Hiking - area has a nature preserve
  • Dance
    • The Dance Studio might be available

Your Turn!