NVC Research October Meeting

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Committed to Attend: Tom Caruso, Marion Little, Cindi Vian, and Suzanne Jones Attended: Cindi Vian and Suzanne Jones Actual Time: 3:30 PM EST (2:30 Central Time and 12:30 PST)

Cindi talked about a project in which she taught NVC options for getting one's needs met to four, five and six year olds. Cindi will write up something from this work for Suzanne which may help some of her work, meeting Cindi's need for contribution. Cindi enjoyed the connection with Suzanne, meeting her need for collegiality and fun.

Suzanne enjoyed the chance to connect with someone else who is teaching NVC, and talking with someone who intends to design some empirical reserach projects around NVC concepts.

Each shared some of their ideas and concerns.