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I've been learning and sharing NVC for a few years now. It's the best practice/theory/network i've found so far for helping people have compassion for anyone (even oneself! :-). In 2005 i developed some Learner Centered Differentiation Exercises.

To contact me:

  • Skype: johnca
  • AIM: johnabbe
  • Yahoo IM: johncabbe

You can find out more about me at (including more ways to contact me)

I'm part of the team working on Compassion In Action, a conference that's the first project of the NVC USA Project.

The last few days, i was away in Galle for an NVC training with students at the University of Ruhuna Engineering Faculty. Tantalizingly, there were Ethernet ports in the rooms at the guest house we were in, but we couldn't quite get the settings right - though we got as close as the campus web server (which ironically, i can't seem to access now). Probably just as well - i stayed more focused on the training than i would have been if i'd had net access.

Thanks to User:Simon_Smaluhn and User:Markus_Pallo for starting up this wiki.