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This update has been posted by Liz Gay and represents her experience of where the Global Coordinating Committee proposal is at.

Update on June 6th 2006

The Board accepted the GCC Draft Proposal by consent during its meeting on May 10th 2006. The Board also accepted Liz Gay as an elected representative to the GCC on May 10th 2006.

As of June 8th 2006, membership in the GCC is made up of 7 appointed Board members and one elected representative from what is currently called the Asia Pacific Sociocratic Circle.

Liz Gay holds the title 'Elected Representative' at this time, and, as such, is free from the legal responsibilities that accompany membership of the Board. Concerns have been expressed that the Board (as opposed to the GCC) requires a minimum number of members in order to comply with requirements stipulated at the time of CNVC's registration.

Concerns have been expressed as to the legality of electing GCC representatives who are not also members of the Board to bear Office (e.g. to hold the title 'President' or 'Secretary). Liz participated as a voting member in a sociocratic election process leading to Stefan Wisbauer's election as Secretary to the Board. Members of the Board agreed to refrain from nominating any GCC member who was not also a member of the Board as a candidate however.

Some things we might want to look at

  • Will the Board continue to exist as a separate entity?
  • How many Board members are we legally required to have?
  • How many elected representatives can we reasonably accommodate in teleconference meetings?
  • How many people/how large an area do we anticipate each representative might represent?
  • How can we move towards finding answers to these questions?

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