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Hi John, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts combining the two topics NVC and free software (which I both find interesting). Thank you! I have two requests:

  • Could you please unlock the article or explain why it is locked?
Hi Sven - I hadn't noticed your post here, or I'd have responded sooner. This in fact is one of the reasons the article is locked - spammers have made it harder for me to know when there are changes here. The reason being that the spam seems to arrive (and be removed by admins) in large batches, so that when I use the Recent Changes feature to look for new comments like yours, they're often buried amid many pages of spam notices so I miss them. Another reason I locked it was because I'd put my name on it and wanted to ensure the words there were mine.
Hi John, about being advised of new changes for the articles of your choice, I appreciate using the fonction available through the preferences page : E-mail me on page changes, associated with the one available through preferences > Editing > Add pages I edit to my watchlist. Don't you ? Maybe that's why you didn't get my last requests here :
Does your understanding of the Open source / copyrights below makes it possible to set the DVD (mentionned on this page, with Jori Manske's copyrights) available through BitTorrent ?
--Dieudonné 08:06, 15 July 2006 (CEST)
This morning y just drove Thomas d’Ansembourg (one of the two french talking guys who wrote books about NVC) to Bordeaux's airport. He came here to give several conferences about NVC, and we had a long talk about copyleft, etc... He is a close friend to Robert Bouchard (one of the first certified trainers in Canada), and though didn't knew Robert choose copyleft for their productions : Feeling and Needs list.
Theses concepts — copyleft attitude, Free/Libre/Open-Source Software... — seem not to be very easy to understand. Thank you for all the job you're doing about helping others see it's beauty. It helps me become confident about our futur on this little planet ;-) --Dieudonné 09:36, 29 September 2006 (CEST)
  • Be aware of (and make clear) the difference between the terms "open source" software (which you mostly talk about) and "free" software (which, in my view, meets much more needs (and better so) of users and programmers than open source software does). Maybe you want to change your article and talk about free software? See


I'm aware of several different types of non-commercial software licenses, but didn't want to attempt a summary of them and the differences. I'm glad you put in a link, because I value diversity in alternatives to copyrights. -John