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NVCwiki Change


John Wiley

I'm so richly appreciating all that this wiki has brought to the global NVC community! Markus, your contributions in particular fill me with joyful celebration of how much my needs for community and connection have been supported by your work here. I'm also celebrating the freedom I'm guessing this shift in your focus can bring you, for exploring new ways to meet the needs alive in you. Hurray!--John W. 03:17, 12 May 2007 (CEST)



CNVC Wiki?

I've just contacted William Poehner, leader of the CNVC's IT Committee, asking if he'd like to see us move the official and semi-official parts of this wiki onto a CNVC server. I'm wondering if this could help to reduce the workload of anyone willing to consider taking on the operation of this wiki.

As you may know, CNVC is about to release a completely revised website on that will provide some capabilities similar to wiki. The new site is built on an open source product named Drupal. I find that it still lacks some collaborative document tools provided by the open source MediaWiki product used here, but it's possible that could change in the near future.

Some of my main needs related to CNVC's use of a wiki are for ease of providing public information, encouraging public participation, supporting connection and dialog in the global NVC community, and technical capabilities that support multiple language access and translation.

I'd appreciate any comments that any of you might like to share about the strategy of moving some or all of the CNVC content here to a CNVC wiki and/or the new Drupal website when it's released in the next month or two.--John W. 03:17, 12 May 2007 (CEST)

Copyleft spirit ?

I share with you John all the points you mentioned here. Yesterday I went for the day, from Bordeaux to Paris (France), for the general assembly of the ACNV (French association for NVC). Two years ago, on the same occasion I had suggested the use of a wiki, and it wasn't a success. Yesterday it finally became obvious it could help NVC by the means you described. Since a few weeks the french part of this wiki finally took off. For example the fr:Rhône-Alpes region (where Marshall is due to come 8/11 septembre 2007), is becoming very active.

So I'd love the synergy started here to keep on growing. However, I wonder how we could benefit not using any more MediaWiki, the tool used by the world's most commonly used wiki ? Wikipedia !

Another question is bothering me. What I love about the wiki spirit is the copyleft spirit. And when I see, the difficulties met by the project of releasing an NVC DVD protected by copyleft (via BitTorrent technology for example), I wonder if a CNVC Wiki would keep the copyleft spirit we discovered with this NVCWiki.

Warmly, --Dieudonné 12:03, 13 May 2007 (CEST)