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Adding NVC Research Circle to Main Page

I'd like to add the NVC Research Circle to the Main Page. I consider this a project, since we do have projects and I think the impact of NVC Research is very important to the expansion of NVC, but maybe it belongs in General Topics for now. I'll create a new set of pages and then provide the link here until someone can edit the main page for me. Thanks, Tom Caruso

What about "Nonviolence" itself?

A conflict: On the one hand, I would enjoy preserving the focus of the wiki on NVC, and contributing to expanding this message of NVC; on the other hand, I would enjoy the synergies I imagine would happen if I folded my nonviolence wiki content (a very small amount of content right now) into this wiki and shut down my wiki.

Would a couple people be willing to share the following?:

  1. whether you predict bringing nonviolence-only topics into this wiki would affect the focus in a way you would not enjoy
  2. whether some other needs may or may not be met by doing this

It may be useful information to consider that I intend to regularly contribute some effort on the issue of nonviolence to a wiki, whether this one or my own.

--Jason Felice

Where is your wiki ? --Dieudonné 19:36, 19 December 2005 (CET)

It was only started a week ago, so there is not much to show yet; however, there is some content which illustrates what I am going for. Specifically, the book by Michael Nagler or the article contributed by Andreas about Gandhi's philosophy.

--Jason Felice

It would meet my needs just fine. I was very dubious about the term "nonviolence" when i first came to NVC. After some learning, i am much happier with it (although i still think that it is often not a word i want to start with when explaining thins spirit to people). My learning would have happened much faster if there had been a lot of good information about nonviolence in one place. I imagine others having that learning faster as you and others add info here, which meets my needs for hope, others' understanding, etc. --John Abbe 02:43, 21 December 2005 (CET)

Thanks, John.

My box was haxored, and I have decided to simply use this wiki instead of reconfiguring the one I had running, but to be attentive to peoples reactions about focus in doing so. --Jason Felice

I'm french, so maybe I didn't understand exactly what you ask Jason, but here is what comes :

  • I understand "nonviolence" in NVC as a reference to Gandhi
  • I saw the film "Gandhi" when I was 17, and it was a really important moment in my life, in way it help me realise how powerfull that attitude is

So, in that sens, references to "nonviolence" topics is quite ok for me :)

--Dieudonné 16:35, 21 December 2005 (CET) , Bordeaux - France (back home ;)