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May Agreements

  1. Stefan Wisbauer is sociocratically elected to serve as Board secretary through March 2007 with the following responsibilities:
         * Provide Board minutes for review by the Board and for distribution
         * Finalize meeting minutes and submit to the ED
         * Ensure maintenance/updating of Board policies
  2. Liz Gay is welcomed as a GCC member to participate in the decision making process of the Board until the end of 2006 per the nomination from the Asia Pacific Circle.
  3. Board members will submit requests for Vice President responsibilities for June meeting election. Stefan is acting VP until the June meeting assuming the following responsibilities:
         * Track Board agreements for agenda items
         * Assume President's responsibilities in President's absence
  4. The GCC Proposal is adopted as a working document for the structure of CNVC.
     GCC draft proposal in Word (241Kb)
     GCC draft proposal as an Adobe pdf (181Kb)
  5. Board Members will review the current Board Policies in preparation for determining the next steps for updating the Board Policies at the June 2006 Board meeting in order to be in congruence with working policies. All suggestions for changes are to be posted to or forwarded by e-mail to Stefan to post.
  6. Board Members will review what needs are met and unmet by the role of the interim director position and Jori's work in relation to this role, and be prepared for this evaluation at the June 2006 Board meeting for decision on 3-month renewal until Sept 30, 2006, and determination of next steps. Staff will be asked to submit comments directly to John with anonymity. Following the feedback being posted to in the NVC Board section with anonymity, the network will be welcomed to post comments to it at:
  7. Jori will coordinate a dialogue to determine whether to proceed with the October face-to-face meeting in Atlanta and the Board will make a decision at the June Board meeting.
  8. The agenda and conference information for the June Board meeting will be posted to and the Trainer list one week before the meeting.