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This area is for Public Discussion of the protected CNVC Board document drafting area. To comment on a specific item, click "article" above to return to the main Board page and click on the topic there that you wish to discuss. Each topic has a "Talk" area for public comment, which you access by clicking on "discussion" at the top of that page.

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Discussion of CNVC Board Area

I've noticed that you are using months without years, and very general names for some of the pages connected to the CNVC Board. This may become confusing as time goes by (what about May or June next year?), and as there continue to be more groups using the wiki. Here are some suggested name changes that might be clearer (you can change the name of any page by clicking on the "move" link at the top of any page):

Agenda Process -> CNVC Board Agenda Process

Board Policies -> CNVC Board Policies

Criteria For CEO Selection -> Criteria For CNVC CEO Selection

June Agenda -> CNVC Board June 2006 Meeting

Proposed May Agenda -> CNVC Board May 2006 Meeting

--John Abbe 07:18, 9 June 2006 (CEST)