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GCC Draft Proposal

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Criteria For CEO Selection

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Draft Board Agenda - May Meeting

Below are all the items I believe have been so far been carried over or requested for our May 10 Board conference call meeting, currently scheduled for 8am PT / 5pm CET. -John Wiley

  • Note: to find out the current Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and Universal Time (UTC, which I believe is the same as GMT), you can visit this website by clicking on this link:

Current Time (USN)

Previously Listed Agenda Items

  • Consent on GCC Proposal.
  • Liz Gay's nomination to the Board as GCC representative.
  • Discuss change to certification-renewal process from percentage of net gains to a Membership Fee (±10 minutes - Godfrey).
  • Discuss NVC World and how to make the best use of Linnaea’s energies both past and present (±10 minutes - Godfrey).
  • Discussion of database, wiki, blog and other technology support options (15 minutes - John).

Recent Additions

  • Update on GCC process (Jori? John B.?)]
  • “The Board agreed that all CNVC bodies would do their best to live the process of Nonviolent Communication” (Godfrey 2’)
  • The following elections by consent (in order of priority) to agenda (Jori):

1. secretary
2. vice-president

  • Proposal: In preparation for the June Board meeting Members will review the current Board Policies and determine which meet our needs and which we would like to change. The Board will determine next steps for updating the Board Policies at the June 2006 Board meeting.

See: CNVC Board Policies.

  • Proposal: Board Members will review what needs are met and unmet by the role of the interim director position and Jori's work in relation to this role and be prepared for this evaluation at the June 2006 Board meeting for decision on renewal until Sept 30, 2006.
  • Board meeting location, frequency and review of Needs/strategies.

Other Topic

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