Spreading NVC in Eugene vision

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This page is for the Spreading NVC in Eugene group to develop our vision together.

Proposed aim of Spreading NVC in Eugene: Mark's version: "The aim of our group, Spreading NVC, is to deepen our consciousness of, and facility at, compassionate giving by promoting opportunities for people of all ages and incomes in Lane County to learn Nonviolent Communication."

Meta adds: During our June 8 meeting, I asked a question of the visions committee, and there was a request that I post that question on the wiki. Here it is: What’s the difference between vision, mission, aim, purpose, and clear intention? Which do you want here?

Also, Suzi asked a question about the workshop we're working on that might be helpful to consider as we develop this. I don't remember all of her exact words, so i will use mine: What's alive for you about this group? What would really get you excited about participating in this group?