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This is an area for Circles to collaborate, post minutes, etc.

Circles by Region

Inter-Circle Collaboration

How to Start a New Circle


What is the Global Coordinating Circle?

Take a look at CNVC Board#GCC Draft Proposal and feel free to ask more questions here if you're not clear.

I am a member of a ~12 person, free, self-led, NVC practice group and am wondering if this would be an appropriate place for us to keep track of our group agreements and such.

Yes, this wiki is open to everyone involved with NVC in any way. Just come up with a unique name for your group, type it into the search box in the left column and click "Go". Then click on the "create this page" link and you're ready to start typing! If your group wants to become part of the sociocratic system that CNVC has initiated, then add a link to your group in GCC Area#Circles by Region.

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