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Sociocracy in NVC

The international NVC movement has recently begun integrating principles of Sociocracy with NVC. Our CNVC organization has begun using Sociocracy for Board/GCC meetings, and several regions of the world are creating Circles. This area on NVCwiki is for discussion of whether and how principles and techniques of Sociocracy might be added to NVC. Already there are many indications that this combination contributes toward more harmony and effectiveness in NVC groups and organizations.


For groups forming or interested in creating or joining Circles, we invite you to participate in the new GCC Area on this wiki.

From Sociocracy Consultant John Buck - August 2006

Update on implementation of Sociocracy (June 2006)

Update on implementation of sociocracy (August 2006) All: Here is an update on implementation of Sociocracy as of August 12, 2006.

(1) Anne B, selected as a nominee to the Global Coordinating Council (GCC) from the Francophile region will be unable to participate on the GCC until 2007. An alternate nominee is being sought.

(2) John W set up an area entitled GCC Area has been set up on the NVC Wiki for regional, area, or other circles to post their minutes and coordinate with each other.

(3) Fifteen delegates to an as-yet-not-yet-met English-speaking North American Coordinating Council (ENACC) have been identified from around the U.S. and Canada. ENACC plans to have its first meeting on Sunday, August 13. Selection of a nominee to the GCC is on the agenda.

(4) Pieter van der Meche (sociocratic consultant from Netherlands) has been working with the German-speaking region to organize circles in preparation for selecting a delegate to the GCC - probably this fall. Per Marshall's request a project circle has been formed to coordinate his visit in 2007. Pieter is helping to incorporate this project circle into the circle structure that he has been helping to develop. One certified trainer in Germany and his wife have said that they do not think it is a good idea to select a delegate from Germany because it contributes to creating a hierarchy that they fear will start to accumulate power-over. Pieter is encouraging everyone to explore options.

(5) Members of the NVC community in Eastern Europe have discussed the possibility of selecting a delegate to the GCC. No selection has been made.

(6) A training is planned in Scandinavia this fall that may result in selection of a delegate to the GCC.

(7) Members of the NVC community in the British Isles are planning a training about sociocracy in Findhorn in December. Several NVC community members have been meeting by phone and have discussed selecting a nominee to the GCC. The selection has been delayed due to concerns about inclusiveness.

(8) Juan Enrique Toro of Costa Rica has been working to organize Spanish and Portuguese speaking members of the NVC community to select a nominee to the GCC. I have not been contacted by anyone wishing to organize selection of a delegate to the GCC from other language/geographic areas: e.g., Middle East, Africa outside of the Francophone area.

(9) My associates and I are developing teleclasses on sociocracy as rapidly as possible as a way to get training out the to NVC community more rapidly and less expensively. Two prototype classes were held during June and July. Based on the experience with those classes, we plan to announce shortly the start up of new teleclasses in late September. - John Buck

From CNVC Executive Director - June 14, 2006

I am very excited to share one of the ways we at CNVC are developing opportunities for everyone who values NVC to be connected. Stronger connections within the NVC network have the potential to enhance significantly our ability to share NVC more widely, more quickly, and with more fun through increased coordination of activities, mutual support, and sharing of ideas and information. Through nonviolent "power with" governance and a representational organizational structure we hope to build connections which will increase the joy of cooperation, and contribute more broadly.

On May 10, 2006 after a period of open comment in the network, the CNVC Board approved the proposal to create a NVC Global Coordinating Council (GCC), which will eventually include regional delegates from all parts of the world, provide ongoing awareness of needs in the network, and contribute to devising effective strategies to support those needs being meet.

The current strategy is to form a GCC with initial delegates in the next few months. The initial delegates will have relatively short terms so that we can repeat the selection process later this year or early next year with a more inclusive process. The initial delegates will provide us with invaluable insights into what we need to consider as we design a process that will eventually include every person who would like to be involved. Liz Gay, selected from Asia Pacific became the first delegate to the GCC in May, and Anne Bourritt, has been nominated by the French-speaking region (including participants from Canada). Organizing activities regarding selection of GCC nominees are occurring in other language/geographic regions as well.

The initial delegates will be helping to develop ways to include individuals or groups who want to be involved (in selecting a nominee) to notify us of their interest, perhaps through our website.

We hope to then to have a process for connecting those individuals and groups with others in their geographical area (by telephone perhaps, as will be attempted in North America) to select a nominee from their local area.

A group of such local area reps will then select a representative for a larger geographic area. That delegate will then be part of a group selecting a delegate for an even larger geographic area. This process will continue until there are about five to ten people from around the world serving on the Global Coordinating Council.

To see more on CNVC organizational implementation of nonviolent governance since February 2005 go to: and download attachment 3 in English or German

For more information on sociocracy and nonviolent governance, including organizational linking and decisions by mutual consent go to: and download attachment 4 in English or German and

In connection,
Jori Manske
Interim Director and Certified Trainer