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Sociocracy is a way for organizations to support the autonomy of individuals and groups within the organization, and clarity and connection among groups.

From - - "The Sociocratic Circle Organization provides a way of producing and leading organization on the basis of equivalence in decision making through the principle of consent."

The Center for Nonviolent Communication is in the early stages of trainings in, and implementation of sociocracy - a real-world experiment in sociocracy in the organization.

The proposal and request for feedback:

As far as i know, this feedback is not available publicly. Mine: --John Abbe 07:58, 29 December 2005 (CET)

Current status:

That status page includes a link to a list of upcoming sociocracy trainings. The dates here just for convenience:

  • Jan 6-8 NVC Munich, Germany
  • Jan 11-12, Feb 15-16, Mar 14 (series) OPEN Montreal, Canada
  • Jan 28-29 NVC San Francisco, California, USA
  • Mar 15-16, Apr 12-13, May 16 (series) OPEN Montreal, Canada
  • May 17-18, Jun 14-15, Aug 22 (series) OPEN Montreal, Canada

Other organizations using sociocracy include:

Wikipedia on sociocracy: