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Final title for the NVC USA Project conference:

Compassion In Action - Networking and Community Building for Nonviolent Communication in the United States

Earlier notes:

Agreed to take a week, let it marinate based on peoples' reactions, people can look over what's here, add their own ideas, edit. So invite some people to look at the current working title, and this page. Especially those who we might reach out to attend the conference. Connect/learn about their reactions.

By the end we were mostly looking at titles with a short poetic/metaphorical part and a longer, explanatory/literal part.

Earlier/other ideas are listed after this section.

Turning to Compassion - Networking and Community Building for Nonviolent Communication in the United States (the one that Kit asked everyone if it "passed the bar" for them on the call)

An alternate line for the second part: Supporting Growth of Communities and Networks in the United States

Many other options for the first part:

Gathering the Tribes

Age of Compassion

Meeting Needs For Hope

Change through Compassion

Change from Compassion

Creating A World that Works for All

Compassion in America

Seeds of Compassion

planting seeds, tending communities

Growing Compassion

Growing Compassionate Communities

Compassionate Communities

Planting Seeds: a gathering to support new and existing US NVC communities

growing compassion in america: planting seeds, tending communities a national conference for the US conference

compassion growth community building gathering the US networks and communities of compassion

network building

supporting the growth

Gathering the Tribes: networking and community building for NVC in the US

Seeds of Compassion: networking

Peace and Social Justice:

Meeting Needs for Hope/Dialogue

the US is a place of special significance internationally now... coming from a place of concern about the impact of the US on global scene

Creating A World that Works for All:

supporting the growth of compassionate NVC communities and networks in the US\

We didn't talk about "United States vs. "America"

A lot of things that came up for a name will be useful in crafting the Compassion In Action Invitation.

Mon Nov 14 9PM PST 2005 -- Rick adds:

How about replacing the first two words in the name with 'connecting'?

Connecting Compassion - Networking and Community Building for Nonviolent Communication in the United States

Reasoning - NVC helps bring forth compassion in each of us. The conference is seeking to link us together.

Hi this is Kit-as I've sat with this over the time since we last spoke for me the 'turning to compassion' phrase is what most touches my heart. Happy Thanksgiving all!!

2/8 Lisa adds: I have experience in branding/naming and marketing and would like to contribute my thoughts. Above says "Final title" - I imagine substantial time/effort was put into this choice - I submit my thoughts to either reconsider the title and tagline or for fodder for future endeavor{s}. 1. My strongest concern - clarity and absorbability/brevity - I think networking is a form of community building - moving words can shorten - tagline being used often in conjunction with logo multiplies understanding of logo and organization - a.Nonviolent Communication Community Building in the United States -b.Building Nonviolent Communication Community in the United States -c.Building US Nonviolent Communication Community -d...could replace 'Building' with Growing, Nurturing. 2. I think "Compassion in Action" leaves understanding wide open as to what kind of action {school, medical, youth, activism,...}. I think something more like "Networking Compassion" or "Compassion Networking" is more specific/clear - I think "Turning to Compassion" has some inference of "community" and "communicating", so I like that alot.

We were conscious to include both networks and community, as two very different and important social forms. "Action" entered the picture in the last conversation about the name/tagline, and reflected our interest in having the NVC USA Project go beyond supporting the growth of NVC in the U.S. to include making a difference on a larger scale - in the U.S. as a whole, and in our relationship with the rest of the world. Regarding build/grow/nurture, i kind of like Nurturing Nonviolent Communication Networks and Communities in the United States. And, i'm fine to leave it as it is and focus my energies on all the other work that needs doing. --John Abbe 15:15, 10 February 2006 (CET)