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To facilitate a network of Instant Messaging that contributes to:

  • NVC people around the world meeting and connecting online.
  • A shared place to learn and develop NVC skills.
  • Regional/interest specific communities.
  • A safe place to look for and offer support.

The suggested mechanics

Current technology offers ways to create text chat rooms for every kind of subject, we start with these chat(should it be conversion? meeting? conference? something else?) rooms:

  • By topics:
    • NVC Parenting.
    • NVC Practice.
    • NVC Theory discussion.
    • NVC Support give&get.
    • NVC Certified trainers.
    • NVC Non certified trainers.
    • NVC Certification candidates.
    • NVC Business.
    • NVC Education.
  • By Region/Country/State.

We are happy to support anyone who like to have an additional text chat room.



How does it work?

NVCimhub will create a text chat room for each topic and invite all people interested in that topic. For now this will be done for each messaging system separately. In the future we hope to to have bridges so that everyone can be in the same chat room even if they are using different messaging systems.

Current status & issues

Ways to distribute the message

Technical side

How to realize this (the mechanics of it).

  • Creating a website for this.
  • Creating web form Instant Messaging Network/Web for answering invention
  • "some companies are producing IM clients that act as a front end to the different networks. One such product is Trillian Pro, from Cerulean Studios, which allows you to connect to ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC networks through a single interface. It should be noted that these clients do not offer interoperability between the various IM networks — just a unified interface through which to access them. If you are looking for true interoperability then hub software, which can actually route messages between networks, is required. We will discuss hub software in a future article." Drew Bird 5/1/2003 http://www.intranetjournal.com/articles/200305/ij_05_01_03a.html


  • CNVC (there's a page or two in the wiki here somewhere for their IT group)
  • NVCAcademy


Ideas on how to attract people

Ideas on content for the network

Current ideas:

  • World wide nvc happy hour. All people on all messengers have an online gathering.
  • Public chat rooms by subject.
  • Public casts.
  • nvcIM group casts.

English, NVCness and clearness

  • I am not a native English speaker so I would appreciate style and language corrections.
  • I am only 1 year nvc, so I would appreciate style and language corrections :)
  • help me make this wiki and the letters clear.