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(Email for answering invention)
(Email of invention)
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All messengers types can join:
All messengers types can join:
Skype, Windows Live (MSN), Yahoo, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, Jabber , anything
Skype, Windows Live (MSN), Yahoo, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, Jabber , [[Internet Relay Chat]], anything
else :)
else :)

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To create a network of Instant Messaging.

What uses are for this network:

To whom it is for:

What help do I need

Ways to distribute the message

Technical advice and consulting

How to realize this (the mechanics of it).

  • Creating a website for this.
  • Creating a form which will be fed into a database and automating the process of adding people to the network.
    • Do you currently have a messenger?
      • Yes
        • select your preferred Messenger:
          • Skype
          • Windows Live (MSN)
          • Yahoo
          • GTalk
          • AIM
          • ICQ
          • Jabber
          • Internet Relay Chat
          • (add more here)
            • Enter your messenger name and your user ID.
        • Add "nvcIMadmin@(this is scrambled to avoid spam).com" to your contact list (applicable for MSN/Yahoo/gtalk/ICQ)
        • What is user ID with your preferred messenger?
        • Optional data
            • First name?
            • Last name?
            • Country?
            • State/Province?
            • City?
            • Year of starting NVC?
            • Certified trainer?
              • Yes
              • No (default)
            • certification candidate?
              • Yes
              • No (default)
      • No
      • I have IRC

referring to other resources

Who we are cooperating with:

Ideas on how to attract people

Ideas on content for the network

Current ideas:

  • World wide nvc happy hour. All people on all messengers have an online gathering.
  • Public chat rooms by subject.
  • Public casts.
  • nvcIM group casts.

English, NVCness and clearness

  • I am not a native english speaker so I would appreciate style and language corrections.
  • I am only 1 year nvc, so I would appreciate style and language corrections :)
  • help me make this wiki and the letters clear.

Email of invention

Subject :NVC Instant Messaging network - new way to connect.


Shalom (Hello in Hebrew),

My name is Noam and I'm a NVC supporter from Israel.

I am starting a nvc Instant Messaging (nvcIM) social network and sending you this email via cnvc website hoping you will join.

The advantages of using IM are:

  • Instantly get response and support.
  • Hear & see the other party.
  • Public text/audio casts/chats up to 100 people.

The purpose is:

  • Live online practice groups.
  • Learning and teaching NVC.
  • Getting to know new NVC people.
  • Getting and giving support NVC style.

and community events like a worldwide NVC happy hour, an online gathering at a designated time of the week.

All messengers types can join: Skype, Windows Live (MSN), Yahoo, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, Jabber , Internet Relay Chat, anything else :)

This will meet my needs for a connection, community and contributing to others wellbeing.

I feel excited when I imagine hundreds of NVC people connecting in this new way as I believe it can create a community which will enrich everybody's experience with NVC.

To join :

  • Reply to this email
  • Specify your messenger type and user name.

If you rather not join, I would very much value your input on what needs of yours are not meet by this?

If you have any questions or want to support, I'll be happy to get your email.


Noam, nvcIM admin

Email for answering invention

TODO: 1. Make clear what items are optional and how they are used.

Subject: Welcome to the nvcIM network


The purpose of nvcIM network is to create a NVC Instant Messaging network.

This is done by: A. A list of on NVC IM for each type of messenger. B. Using skype as a common messenger.

A. Please answer the following questions:

1. Main messenger other then skype (MSN/Yahoo/AIM/gtalk/ICQ/Internet Relay Chat...)?

2. Your ID with that messenger?

3. First name?

4. Last name?

4. Country?

5. State/Province?

6. City?

7. Year of starting NVC?

8. Are you a certified trainer?

9. Are you a certification candidate?

10. Please add "nvcIMadmin@this is scrambeld to avoid spam.com" to your contact list (applicable for MSN/Yahoo/gtalk/ICQ)

B. To join the skype group

1. If you currently have skype, which version do you have? (you can see the version at help-about in skype)

2. if you don't have skype, please install from http://www.skype.com/download/

3. What is your skype name?

Please add "nvcIMadmin" to your skype contact list and you will get a new group in skype which will have all of NVC members with their details.

If you have any questions or need help filling this, I'll be happy to help.

Warmly, Noam - Moderator nvcIM