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Yesterday Linnaea Marvell (project manager of nvcworld) and i had a conversation about the wikis (nvcworld, nvcwiki, nvc-europe, empathycollective) and why there are four wikis ?

We like to start a discussion with all nvc peoples involved in wiki technology for future plans of the wikis here.

Is there a reason why there are four wikis ?

In my point of view there is no need for four wikis, i would like to have the content in one wiki only so there is no need for interwiki links to other wikis which also have nvc information.

The nvcwiki.com was reserved without knowing about other wiki projects running, so today i know about others and like to find the best practice for all.

What i like to have ?

  • One platform with all informations about nvc freely available.
  • It should be possible to have language links configured for all countries. So it would be easy to get nvc informations in the language of the visitor.
  • Its more easy to have one wiki running than maintenance for three wikis.

to be continued.

I am interested in your opinions and whats alife in you ?

Markus Pallo 17:20, 3 January 2006 (CET)

personal preferences of markus noted. and empathycollective added. i disagree i reconize your need for efficeny and order but i think the diversity and choice are in line with diversiry of tactics (space enought for all) and each will progress at the rate cooperative or competitivly or indypendent of the others. though i do feel apritiative to anybody who would take time to update simmilar pages on all 3.