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User:Sophie will contact User:Markus Pallo about NVC Wiki design. User:Jason Felice is also involved in this effort.

Site URL

Many of us prefer nvcwiki.org to nvcwiki.com, and no one has objected yet. Markus Pallo will look into changing it to so that nvcwiki.com gets redirected to nvcwiki.org (the opposite of how it is now).


Is it possible to have MediaWiki ignore capitalization, so that a link to "Social change" goes to a page called "Social Change" ? (and vice-versa)

As far as i understood the first letter wil be automatically uppercased. And i read the roadmap for the major plans for release 1.6 there is "Case-insensitive, case-preserving page titles" feature planned. see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_roadmap


Check if/how MediaWiki supports SisterSites. SisterSites is a feature which links wikis together. On any page which has the same name as pages on other wikis (those selected as "sisters" of the origin wiki), links automatically appear to those other wikis. See http://ourpla.net/cgi/pikie?SisterSites

Multilingual wiki

Help by WikiMedia :

Other ways the net/computers can support NVC


Initiate a website providing the quality of interactions one can find here :

Here is an example :

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