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== Requests & Questions ==
== Requests
===Anti-Spam Feature?===
I use "Recent changes" to conveniently see what's new here every few days. Unfortunately there seems to be a spammer who's trying to get search engine ratings by posting the same list of URLs on on dozens of unprotected pages. This spammer seems to use "zombie" computers, so the IP addresses aren't all the same. Three problems:
#Those spams are blocked from display, but still sometimes mess up the normal display of affected pages.
#When I use "Recent changes" there are usually several pages of random IP addresses that make it very difficult to sort out spams from legitimate posts by people not logged in. Even when someone was logged in, it's easy to miss their name amid all the spam posts.
#When admin removes the spams, sometimes there's another long list of "changes" for spam removal.
I'm wondering: is there a way to automatically purge the spams and spam removals from the change list? -[[User:Jw4nvc|John W.]] 21:29, 20 July 2006 (CEST)
== Design ==
[[User:Sophie]] contacted [[User:Markus Pallo]] about [[NVC Wiki design]]. [[User:Jason Felice]] also expressed interest in being involved in this effort.
This has not been progressed - Sophie suggests - as the logo in place is rather nice, (setting aside any copyright issues about using the puppets?), perhaps the colour scheme of the rest of the skin could be developed to match - eg. use of red, terracotta, cream, dark brown or black, sepia etc. Perhaps the front page could then use the logo of the jackal/giraffe set in a world / globe, again with similar colours....
Notes and Ideas: multiplicity and connection (eg. leaves of a tree...variations on a theme...)
A subtitle for the title NVC WIKI? eg. Connecting the world with Empathy... compassionate connection through nonviolent communication ....collaborating with compassion to create a resource for nonviolent communication around the globe...your ideas?
==Opportunities for design ==
Some of the obvious things that ''could'' be redesigned
* site front page
* logo/image (top left)
* everything that can be changed via the mutable css.
** 'frame' background colour/image, text
** frame tabs - colours, text, shape?
** page background colour, text
** body text styles
** navigation panel colours, border, text
== Site URL ==
Many of us prefer nvcwiki.org to nvcwiki.com, and no one has objected yet. Markus Pallo will look into changing it to so that nvcwiki.com gets redirected to nvcwiki.org (the opposite of how it is now).
== Capitalization ==
Is it possible to have MediaWiki ignore capitalization, so that a link to "Social change" goes to a page called "Social Change" ? (and vice-versa)
As far as i understood the first letter wil be automatically uppercased. And i read the roadmap for the major plans for release 1.6 there is "Case-insensitive, case-preserving page titles" feature planned. see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_roadmap
== SisterSites ==
Check if/how [[MediaWiki]] supports SisterSites. SisterSites is a feature which links wikis together. On any page which has the same name as pages on other wikis (those selected as "sisters" of the origin wiki), links automatically appear to those other wikis. See http://ourpla.net/cgi/pikie?SisterSites
== Multilingual wiki ==
'''Help''' by WikiMedia :
*[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Guide_for_system_administrators_for_setting_up_interwiki_linking#language_links language links] (Guide for system administrators for setting up interwiki linking)
*[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Interwiki_linking#Interlanguage_link_.28software_feature.29 Interlanguage link (software feature)] (Interwiki linking)
*[http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_i18n Documentation on customizing the interface for different languages]
=== InterWiki links ===
'''Two''' ways to create links pointing to other languages pages in the same wiki :
* a link which will appear in the left column
: '''Example 1''' <code><nowiki>[[fr:NVC Wiki - Questions techniques]]</nowiki></code> appears on this page below the tab ''in other languages'' [[fr:NVC Wiki - Questions techniques]]
* a link wich will remain in the right part of the page
: '''Example 2''' <code><nowiki>[[:fr:NVC Wiki - Questions techniques]]</nowiki></code> becomes  [[:fr:NVC Wiki - Questions techniques]]
== Other ways the net/computers can support NVC ==
=== www.nvctorrents.org ===
Initiate a website providing the quality of interactions one can find here :
* http://chomskytorrents.org/ using [[wikipedia:BitTorrent|BitTorrent]] technology
Here is an example :
* http://dieudo.dyndns.org:8080/
** the conference ('''ConferenceNantes2003''') one can find there is both in english and french, was given by Marshall B. Rosenberg during 2003 at Nantes, France, and translated in french by Godfrey Spencer and Anne Bourrit. It can be downloaded with free/open source softwares, as described for [[wikipedia:BitTorrent|BitTorrent]].
** it is also described here : http://dieudo.dyndns.org/spip/Conference-de-Nantes [fr]
=== Other CMS for NVC ===
Here are the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_management_system CMS] being used or considered for and by the NVC World's networks :
*[http://spip.net SPIP] used for [http://nvc-europe.org/SPIP nvc-europe.org/SPIP]
*[http://drupal.org Drupal], [http://plone.org Plone], [http://typo3.org Typo3] being considered by the [http://cnvc.org CNVC]
==== Comparison tools ====
* http://www.wikimatrix.org/
* http://www.cmsmatrix.org/
* http://www.opensourcecms.com where you can test many CMS (public and private part). The ones using PHP and MySQL (for others, see for example [http://www.opensourcecms.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=246&Itemid=0 what is said about plone]) .
==== EMail digest ====
Does the wiki have email digest option ?

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== Requests