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We're hosting an NVC Wiki Day February 25-26, 2006 to create content for this new NVC Wiki. Do you enjoy writing about Nonviolent Communication? Are you willing to engage in the wiki style of writing, in which people edit each other's words freely? Then join us!

The Main Page is the best starting place to find out what's here and where you might be able to add things. You could also try searching - there's a search box in the left column of every page.

During an NVC Wiki Day (and many other times as well), one or more of the wiki's hosts are available for "live" help by chat or voice (see below). We also check Special:Recentchanges to see what changes are being made, and might edit or organize what people write to keep things in some order (see http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?RefactoringWikiPages and/or WikiJardinier [fr] ).

If you have any questions please add them at the end of this page (click on the "edit" link near the top of the page), or contact any of us directly.

The hosts are available on Skype for voice support, Internet Relay Chat (and some other systems) for instant messaging, and by e-mail. Our individual contact information is available on our home pages:

--User:John Abbe, User:Markus Wittwer, User:Simon Smaluhn, User:Markus Pallo, User:Jason Felice, Dieudonné Dard [fr], User:Callz

Past NVC Wiki Days

Thanks to those who participanted in the first NVC Wiki Day 2005! It was December 27-28, and we wrote some new content in this Nonviolent Communication wiki and added some existing content, tested some technical issues, and formed some intentions about the design of the wiki.


Hi, I've never done this so I'm just trying to figure out how it works. Don't have skype and never done instant messaging and have no idea how to do it. So, is all one has to do is edit this page? --Anonymous

Yes, you can participate just by editing on any page, as you have done here on this page. Skype and instant messaging are only mentioned as ways that you can communicate with us "live" so that it's easier for us to help you. --John Abbe