NVC USA Meeting 5 Feb 2006

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Compassion In Action Planning

Feb 5, 4-5:30pm Pacific time

Proposed Agenda

  • Next meeting dates
  • International inclusion - comments?
    • Open and inclusive with US intent of conference clearly stated
    • Support and observe
    • Offer perspective from the outside
  • Talk about roles of people involved with planning effort
    • Margarita: want to know more about observer circle (in inviting people from outreach)
    • Kit: want leadership circle instead of a single leader; want to include outer circle for people supporting
    • haven't yet talked about roles clearly.
  • Logo update
  • Sociocracy training review
  • Budget - if conference makes a profit, what will it be used for?
  • Web support for conference - e.g., a place for people to say a bit about themselves, post a photo, etc. Options:
    • Use this wiki
      • Pro: already exists, gets more people using it.
      • Con: not structured, so it will take more work from users and others to make sure all the information we want is there and that it look consistent
    • Drupal - for an example, see http://www.integralaction.net/?q=june_2005_attendees (if you have to log in first use guest, guest)
      • Pro: structured, may integrate better with other sites
      • Con: programmer time required, meaning getting someone to donate it or paying them (Lucy Perry said $5,000) - of course if we wanted the wiki to do some of the things Drupal does the same would apply