NVC USA Meeting 18 Feb 2007

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4-5:30pm PST (begins 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm East)

Phone 712-580-7700, conference code: 682872 (NVCUSA)

Progress on specific projects?

Conference 2007/2008

Who might like to organize it? When? Kit was working with a group in Columbus (Andy), anyone know how to contact him/them?

USA marketing project

Status (Tom and Lisa)

What else would we like to do together?

Some ideas from the NVC USA Meeting 18 Nov 2006 and NVC USA Meeting 22 Oct 2006 notes:

  • Invite conference participants to join a future phone call with things they might want support/companionship on.
  • Develop strategies for resolving conflict
  • Network/coordinate/support NVC-related work on US role in relation to the rest of the world


John and Tom, Please add and adjust format as you see fit - I, Lisa, can't take this any further right now. The last areas were noted but left blank and need filling out. Thanks, I appreacitate you support in these minutes. Please delete your name at the beginning of this paragraph once your done your edits. Thanks. -Lisa

1. Conference 2007/2008 (juice - Tom, Rick, Lisa)

  • Thinking our next conference is likely to be in summer of 2008
  • Rick made contact with someone in Columbus who might be interested in hosting
  • Tom - will draft an email to past Compassion in Action participants, asking for interest in hosting or co-hosting the next conference. He'll have a draft done by about March 1 and will email out to NVC USA Project participants, and aim to send it out before our next meeting. He will include quotes on experience of needs met being involved in creating the previous Compassion in Action conference. Quotes are requested from those who would like to contribute one on their experiene of needs met.
  • Rick will contact BayNVC to request quotes from them, since they were so involved in hosting last time.
  • There is some considering, voiced in precious meetings, of the next conference having a focus on services rather than on training.

2. NVC Brand Marketing (juice - Tom, 1/2 Lisa)

  • Tom has strong interest and Lisa has middle interest.
  • Lisa suggested that this would fall, as a subcommitee, under the proposed NVC Trainers Support Organization.
  • Lisa will email GCC/Jori and Jim about who is leading NVC brand marketing or what is happening around it, and will request contacts for or forwarding of this email request on the the North American English Speaking Circle(NAESC).
  • Lisa wonders about a committee above the NAESC who would coordinate this brand NVC effort to all geograhic/language GCC circles.

3. Teleconference Call Invite to all Compassion in Action participants to request info about their areas of interest in NVC projecta and their interest in support and companionship for those endeavors.

  • Rick will compose a draft of this letter for our next meeting. This "newletter" will point out our website (and key areas to note thereon), list a directory of endeavors that people are spearheading and the contact information (John will add to this directory list), and an invitation for new areas of interest and interest in involvement on our next conference.

4. Sujects Tabled:

  • Develop strategies for resolving conflict within the NVC community
  • Encouraging development of local NVC mediation
  • US in relation to the rest of the world, and influencing it through NVC consiousness and action
  • Spreading NVC in the US (connecting NVC communities to other NVC communities; supporting birth and growth of NVC communities)
  • NVC Trainer Support Organization
    • Rick has networked / is networking to find who had burning interest in creating this. Please submit any ideas to him.
    • This "project" will be listed in the directory John is developing, as may be other endeavors mentioned in these notes). Lisa has interest in this.
  • Requests for funding from participants with projects who voiced such desires from participation in the Compassion in Action conference. Tabled.
  • IT Report. Tabled.
  • Bring NVC from the private, actively into the public. Kit mentioned this desire. Tabled.

To Do Commitments for Next Meeting

  • Rick
    • email a draft of an email to send to conference attendees.
    • follow up on emails sent out over the last 6 months to find out who is interested in leading subprojects.
  • John -
  • Tom -
  • Lisa -

Next Teleconference Meeting: March 10, Sat 4p Westcoast Time Zone

Proposed Agenda

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