NVC USA Meeting 18 Dec 2005

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Planning Meeting of the NVC USA Project

9-10:30am Pacific time


  • Kit Miller
  • John Abbe
  • John Karvel
  • Paul Rentz
  • Margarita Mac
  • Mary Mackenzie
  • Jane Connor
  • Judi Lardner
  • Rick Smith
  • Meta Hough


Question about purpose came up. (Kit) The conference is a strategy to help support NVC communities

  • Develop culture where conflict is not seen as a problem, but as part of the natural flow.
  • Mentor new communities by older communities
    • 501c(3)
    • hiring
    • what goes into an intro training packet

Also address how to work as US group as part of a global community

Non-conference related initiatives

Meta: Not necessarily non-conference. Includes things we would do between now and June 30, such as

  • Mediation resource packet
  • Support network for communities in conflict
  • Publicly available resource - pointer to all (hope wiki will be that)
  • Poll of what is needed (can be done during Compassion In Action Outreach)

Examples of information that is out there:

Tiffany Meyer and Stuart Watson's

Websites for events: Jane's examples of : http://www.leaderful.newyorkintensive.org and http://www.newyorkintensive.org

Action item: Kit will talk with John Kinyon about Mediation packet and other info.

John: Working on and advocating http://www.nvcwiki.com

Jane: leaderful event in April http://www.leaderful.newyorkintensive.org

Action item : John Abbe - set up Yahoo mailing list (done)


synopsis: Emphasize 'power with' in decision making process

Who is attending the training in January in San Francisco hosted by BayNVC?

Possibly: Kit, Mary, Rick and maybe Meta

Meta: friendsOfNVC listed 6 trainings
Rick: here's what I found listed for North America

  • Dec 2, Jan 3, 4 (evening introductions) Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Dec 3-4 (can substitute Jan 5 intensive), Jan 6-8 (series) Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Jan 11-12, Feb 15-16, Mar 14 (series) Montreal, Canada
  • Jan 28-29 San Francisco, California, USA
  • Mar 15-16, Apr 12-13, May 16 (series) Montreal, Canada
  • May 17-18, Jun 14-15, Aug 22 (series) Montreal, Canada

Kit: after January meeting, maybe the trainer could join in

Compassion In Action Outreach Update

Rick: wrote or left messages for 16 people, heard back from one (by meeting time).

John: Mississippi and Alaska - left messages. There's an IIT in Yukon, so hopeful for more response.

Judi: 2 people in Maine, Cynthia in Georgia (has many contacts)

Jane: NY people interested; defer others until after the holiday - January

Kit: Hawaii -invited; Boston - in conference call - put out invitation;

Margarita: 4 people - wrote up what people wanted in terms of support and put on the wiki

Kit: it's right before a leader '06 retreat, so people will be there

Strategy for Building Community at Conference

Judi and Jane's ideas

  • empathy group
  • support team
  • specific space for connection - somewhere people can go

Margarita will join Judi and Jane.

Wanting others to join

  • wanting co-ownership of supporting connection in community
  • create hospitality team
  • empathizers and connectors

John Abbe: add this to outreach questions; could have a community building page on http://www.nvcwiki.com

Mary: appreciate to Judi and Jane for what they are doing

Playback Theater

Christopher Ellinger

Kit will have description on registration page

Agenda for next time

Question: Margarita: want to know more about observer circle (in inviting people from outreach)

Kit: want leadership circle instead of a single leader; want to include outer circle for people supporting; haven't talked about it clearly.


  • talk about roles
  • Logo: request: seek out artist / graphic designer