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This is a list of people with NVC experience who are currently available to work one-on-one with you as mentors or coaches. (Important note: The mentors/coaches on this list are here because they have added themselves to this list. Their presence on this list does not imply endorsement by CNVC, by NVC Wiki, or by any other individual or organization. Please use your judgment in selecting a mentor/coach, and carefully consider their experience and qualifications.)

The list is divided into several sections. If you are looking for a mentor or coach, see the section below that most closely describes the type of mentorship/coaching you are seeking. If you are a mentor or coach, see the section "Instructions for Mentors/Coaches".

Mentorship/Coaching in General Life Issues

Mentorship/Coaching in Learning/Practicing NVC

Mentorship/Coaching in Sharing/Teaching NVC

Instructions for Mentors/Coaches

This is a list of people with NVC experience who are currently available to receive requests to work one-on-one with others as mentors or coaches. If that describes you, feel free to edit this page to add yourself to the appropriate section(s) of this list. You do not have to be CNVC-certified to list yourself here, but please try to clearly and accurately describe your level of experience and what you have to offer.

Here are step-by-step instructions for adding yourself to this list:

  1. Sign in:
    1. At the top right corner of this page, click: Log in / create account
    2. If you have an account already, enter your username and password, then click: Log in
    3. If you don't yet have an account, click: Create an account. Choose a username and password (write them down someplace so you won't forget them) and enter them. Optionally enter your email address and real name. Click: Create account.
    4. Click: Return to NVC Mentorship and Coaching Directory.

Please add yourself in alphabetical order by last name, be brief, and use this format:

My Name

  • My languages:
  • My location(s):
  • I do mentoring/coaching by phone (yes/no):
  • I do mentoring/coaching face-to-face (yes/no):
  • My fees for mentoring/coaching:
  • My level of NVC experience:
  • The type of mentoring/coaching I am most excited about doing is:
  • More about me:
  • How to contact me:
  • Date when I updated this information:

Please help keep this list current by updating your information on this list when it changes, and by removing yourself from this list when you are no longer available to receive requests for mentorship/coaching.