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Instructions for people seeking mentors/coaches: This is a list of people who are currently available to receive requests to work one-on-one with others as mentors or coaches. (Important note: The mentors/coaches on this list are here because they have added themselves to this list. Presence on this list does not imply endorsement by CNVC, by NVC Wiki, or by any other individual or organization. Please use your judgment in selecting a mentor/coach, and carefully consider their experience and qualifications.)

The list is divided into three sections:

  • If you are seeking mentorship/coaching related to sharing/teaching NVC, look in section 1.
  • If you are seeking mentorship/coaching related to learning/practicing NVC, look in section 2.
  • If you are seeking mentorship/coaching in general topics (not necessarily NVC-related) and you would like a mentor/coach with NVC experience, look in section 3.

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