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=== fundraising ===
=== fundraising ===
====== available modules ======
[http://www.openngo.org CiviCrm], [http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/CiviContribute+Specification CiviContribute]
=== event scheduling ===
=== event scheduling ===

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Urgent requirement tests

Some of the available modules below, are designed for drupal 4.6, some for 4.7 . If there is more interest in one of the modules, it has to be checked if the version is available for the target version of drupal.

contact managment

available modules


contact information

A centralized repository for contact information for the CNVC network.

default category

As someone creates an account, the default should be to sign them up for "Friends of NVC"

newsletter subscription

and the newsletter while offering the ability to opt out if they prefer not.

user creation

Ability for the office to add a new user (member); we have people who ask to be on our mailing list and do not provide an email address and may not have internet access

Have a field that includes areas of experience in applying NVC, such as parenting, prisons, schools, social change, business, restorative justice, indigenous populations, etc.

Enable people with certain permissions (such as certified trainers) to be associated with multiple countries/regions so that they can be “found” by people in multiple countries/regions

Viewers can find people throughout the network, by country (or proximity), by function (trainers, local NVC supporters, board members, etc.) and then view contact information for them. There are two parts to this:

1) we would like the public website (accessible without membership or with guest membership) to display trainers, local NVC supporters and board members with some minimal contact information (to be determined)

2) having certain permissions would allow the viewer to see full contact information (for example, trainers and staff could see full contact information on anyone including their email address).

Emailing individual members by members and by the general public (non-members) done safely without giving the email addresses away

A report of all people with contact information produced on demand

Store travel info for contacts (frequent flyer numbers, etc)

History search, organized correspondence tracking, person history beyond financial.

Foundation data

Database combining online and CNVC office information. Trainer contact info. Donor contact info. Local and Regional NVC group contact info.


available modules

CiviCrm, CiviContribute

event scheduling

available modules

Event, EventFinder

affilliation groups

available modules

Organic groups, other modules which belong to organic groups on modules page starting with "OG"

collaboratrive workspaces

test different content types: node, book, ... which meet or needs ? Privileges are available for content types. see section "access control".

email interface

Organic groups, other modules which belong to organic groups on modules page starting with "OG" . It looks like the missing "key" module is named og2list and is still under development.

forums / chat rooms

Forum looks like similar to email interface ?

Chat rooms

available modules: phpfreechat, chatbox, shoutbox

access control

available modules: simple access, node privacy byrole, taxonomy access there are other modules available.....

international enough

avaiable modules: locale for interface ,international content

secure enough

supports enough browser

easy enough to use


access control

check access control first, functionality could depend on a lot of other functions, so they could be checked with the "prefered" access control.

international enough

check international content module, so other modules could be checked with this requirement.


there is integration of crm module to other functions as well