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General Issues

The content of this site is, by default, protected by the GNU Free Documentation License, which is a "copyleft" license.

If you provide free content protected by a different license, noting that you are doing so will protect others from accidentally infringing on the terms of another's copyright.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons provides stock, open licenses for images, audio, etc.

Some of the licenses are for "Noncommercial use only." They define commercial usage as for "commercial advantage," explicitly allowing digital transfer which is not for profit. In other words, using that content here is, in my opinion, consistent with the license.

As Human Rights Violations

The owning of ideas witch requires violent meants to prevent access to or sharing of the common disoveries of humanity for benefit and leads to monopolys by lifeless insitutions (relgions corperations and goverments) and makes us cogs.