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Known NVC wikis

  • NVCwiki ( start : 24 April 2005 ) - mostly French
  • NVC Wiki (this one :-) ( start : 13 July 2005 )
  • speak freely ( start : 24 November 2005 )
  • NVC World ( start : 5 December 2005 ) no more in use
  • Estonian NVC friends home page (start Dec 2005)

Several of us (John Abbe, Sophie Brown, Dieudonné, Markus Wittwer, Markus Pallo at the beginning) had a phone call January 24, 2005 about some of these wikis.

Sophie moved the general-interest NVC content from the speak freely wiki to The Speak Freely wiki is for local use, although anyone is welcome to visit/edit it. They will keep their wiki for interested people associated with NVC in the north of england - see NVC in Manchester area UK. If at any time there is any content there which is helpful for the NVC wiki - anyone is free to copy it on there.

Dieudonné is willing for the French content to move from the nvc-europe wiki to the server. Markus Pallo will set up a French wiki on this server.

We also decided to have another NVC Wiki Day - February 25. Some other things we talked about are noted in NVC Wiki Technical Issues.

In order to gather people around this NVC wiki project, Dieudonné request us to build a Project constitution.