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Welcome to NVC Wiki - a wiki for Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Help with NVCwiki, and more detailed help for reading and for editing.

To register and be able to contribute to the NVC wiki, please send your requested username to Everyone is welcome. (Registration is done by email, until we find a better solution, as spam bots were registering automatically and spamming the wiki pages.)

General NVC topics


Mailing lists about Nonviolent Communication

Links to NVC resources outside this wiki

Media resources - free NVC audio and video.

Internet Relay Chat to talk with persons interested in NVC

Other NVC wikis

There are many NVC wikis. What to do?

Feedback of wiki users

NVC Wiki Technical Issues

Administration News

Projects using the wiki

NVC IT Status - The CNVC IT Committee

CNVC Board - Working space for Board

CNVC LT - Leadership Team (LT)

CNVC GCC - GCC circle & Network Coordinators

Internet Relay Chat (click here) or NVCtalk - two ways to connect live about NVC

NVC Research Circle - NVC Research Information

NVC USA Project - planned the '06 NVC USA conference Compassion In Action, may do another

American Summer Festival planning


People using the wiki

Photos and words - People using the wiki