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Welcome to NVC Wiki - a wiki for Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Join us February 25-26, 2006 for the second NVC Wiki Day

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The NVC USA Project is hosting an 06 summmer NVC community organizing conference Compassion In Action.

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NVC Intensive in Eastern Europe.

Sunday June 25th - Sunday July 2nd 2006 in Otwock, POLAND

For details see current events.


New NVC space on

I recently set up a new "group" on explicitly for people that are into Nonviolent Communication. seems to be the largest and most popular social networking web service out there, and it is free to use, so I created this group to help support whatever NVC people might be on it. If you have a account, I invite you to come join and participate in this group online. The URL for this group is:

I look forward to seeing you there!

- ParenthesisEye

NVC Online

I was elected to the Board of CNVC last month, and I'm excited about how technologies like wiki and Sociocracy can contribute to building a distributed collaborative global NVC network. By distributed, I mean that I'd like to see people around the world doing what they love to do by way of supporting NVC with technology. By collaborative, I mean that I'm hoping these individuals and groups around the world can use their knowledge of both technology and NVC to work together so that the smallest amount of time, money and effort can produce the greatest contribution.

This month's Board meeting is likely to include election of the first Sociocratically selected representative, beginning a shift toward greater global representation in the CNVC organization. I'm imagining how NVCwiki could immediately contribute toward this new trend in CNVC by having an area writeable only by Board members and readable by all. Another technology contribution I'd love to see is an open source NVC blog. If there already is one, I'd sure love to know about it.

I have some computer and internet experience in my background, and am hoping to find others with such experience who share my love of NVC and hopes for supporting it with technology. If you are interested to explore any of this further I invite you to contact me via or reply here.

John Wiley 23:30, 11 April 2006 (PST)

NVC Special Session 2006 cancelled

The NVC Special Session 2006 from 20 Aug.06 to 03. Sept.06 has been cancelled today. Apparently CNVC did not have enough funding for this project. Participating last year was a great experience for me, so if anyone comes up with some creative strategies to make this or something similar happen, I would truly enjoy that.

Markus Wittwer 17:24, 9 March 2006 (CET)

I am mourning hearing this news! But I can imagine that something similar would be NVC Spring Session "Art of Living Together" in Estonia from 12-18 April 2006. Our intention is to come together and create space where we really live NVC during those 7 days. We would like to have time for connecting, fun, play, learning and growth. There are still plenty of places available! People coming from "western" countries and contributing by "western" price would help us to support them who find it difficult to cover their expences for session.

Merike Kahju , 13:02, 10 March (CET)