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[[People using the wiki]]
==Projects using the wiki==
==Projects using the wiki==

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Welcome to NVC Wiki - a wiki for Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Help for readers and for editors

General NVC topics

Mailing lists about Nonviolent Communication

Links to NVC resources outside this wiki

Internet Relay Chat to talk with persons interested in NVC

Other NVC wikis

There are many NVC wikis. What to do?

Free and open NVC support (software)

Feedback of wiki users

NVC Wiki Technical Issues

Administration News

People using the wiki

Projects using the wiki

GCC Area - An area for Circles to collaborate, post minutes, etc.

CNVC IT Committee - A group of people reviewing the technology requirements for CNVC.

CNVC Board - Experimental section for CNVC Board member document collaboration with public discussion.

The NVC USA Project is hosting an 06 summer NVC community organizing conference Compassion In Action. Organizers are using this wiki for Compassion In Action Planning

The NVC World Project is sprouting again.


New NVC space on MySpace.com

I recently set up a new "group" on MySpace.com explicitly for people that are into Nonviolent Communication. MySpace.com seems to be the largest and most popular social networking web service out there, and it is free to use, so I created this group to help support whatever NVC people might be on it. If you have a MySpace.com account, I invite you to come join and participate in this group online. The URL for this group is:


I look forward to seeing you there!

- ParenthesisEye

NVC Intensive in Eastern Europe.

Sunday June 25th - Sunday July 2nd 2006 in Otwock, POLAND

For details see current events.