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* Projects using the wiki:
==General NVC topics==
** The [[NVC USA Project]] is doing [[Compassion In Action Planning]] here.
'''General NVC topics:'''
*The basic [[Four part model]]
*The basic [[Four part model]]
*[[Empathy]] and [[Expression]]
*[[Empathy]] and [[Expression]]
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*[[Social change]]
*[[Social change]]
[[Mailing Lists]] about and/or using NVC
[[Mailing Lists]] about and/or using NVC
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[[Links]] to other NVC resources
[[Links]] to other NVC resources
[[NVC Wiki Technical Issues]]
==Projects using the wiki==
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The [[NVC USA Project]] is doing [[Compassion In Action Planning]] here.
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==[[NVC Wiki Technical Issues]]==
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General NVC topics

Mailing Lists about and/or using NVC

Links to other NVC resources

Projects using the wiki

The NVC USA Project is doing Compassion In Action Planning here.

NVC Wiki Technical Issues