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<B>Dear friends, NVC Wiki is searching for a new OWNER, or somebody which likes to administrate it.
There are no needs at this moment i meet with this WIKI anymore.
If you are interested to continue or you have questions, please contact [[User:Markus Pallo |Markus Pallo]].</B> [http://en.nvcwiki.com/index.php/Talk:Main_Page Celebration, Mourning and Discussion] -jw
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Welcome to NVC Wiki - a wiki for Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Help with NVCwiki, and more detailed help for reading and for editing

After receiving a lot of spam last days, i decided to protect editing articles for logged-in users only. So my need for ease and protection is met. If there are questions, feel free to contact me Markus Pallo.

General NVC topics


Mailing lists about Nonviolent Communication

Links to NVC resources outside this wiki

Media resources - free NVC audio and video.

Internet Relay Chat to talk with persons interested in NVC

Other NVC wikis

There are many NVC wikis. What to do?

Feedback of wiki users

NVC Wiki Technical Issues

Administration News

Projects using the wiki

NVC IT Status - The CNVC IT Committee.

CNVC Board - Working space for Board.

CNVC LT - Leadership Team (LT).

CNVC GCC - GCC circle & Network Coordinators.

NVCtalk - Connect live on NVC.


About the CNVC Office Move from LA to ABQ.

The NVC USA Project hosted the '06 NVC conference Compassion In Action, and use this wiki for Compassion In Action Planning.

People using the wiki

Photos and words - People using the wiki