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Mailing lists about Nonviolent Communication, sorted by main language spoken on the list.

CNVC's list of mailing lists:


FriendsOfNVC - announcement-only list from the Center for Nonviolent Communication

Nvc-tech - for sharing information and support among those using the net and computers to support NVC

SynergyCommunication - for online practice of NVC

PonderingNVC - for discussion of NVC

cnvc-trainers - open only to CNVC-certified trainers

CNVC certification candidates - for people in the CNVC certification process (or considering it)

NVC-Parenting - for discussing NVC in parenting

NVC-Social-Change - for discussing NVC and social change

EdGroup - for discussing NVC in education


GFK-Eltern-sein - for discussing NVC in parenting (please translate this into German!)