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* [[Self-discipline vs. Obedience]]
* [[Self-discipline vs. Obedience]]
* [[Instrinsic motivation vs. Extrinsic motivation]]
* [[Instrinsic motivation vs. Extrinsic motivation]]
* [[Self & other vs. Jackal & giraffe]]
* [[Self
* [[Exchange vs. Gifting]]
* [[Inspiration vs. Motivation]]
This list was originally compiled from notes from [[User:John Abbe|John Abbe]] (from a session with [[User:Marshall Rosenberg|Marshall Rosenberg]] at an [[IIT]]) and [[User:Neill Gibson|Neill Gibson]] (from ?), and the (copyrighted) key differentiations list in CNVC's trainer certification packet. [http://cnvc.org/trnrtobe_en.htm] It has evolved since then with the additions and changes of other wiki participants.
[[fr:Différenciations clefs]]

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Some key differentiations in Nonviolent Communication. Note that in none of these cases are we judging these as right and wrong, we are just trying to be clear, and often suggesting that one approach or the other might produce better results. Try things out for yourself!

Differentiations about the four part model

Differentiations about empathy

Jackal/Giraffe differentiations