Jackal speak

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Jackal Speak

“Jackal” is a term for a culturally inherited mindset that justifies certain claims and obligates compliance, according to externally established rights and standards.) When triggered, jackalized/externalized our interpretations resonate strongly. In such cases, people often gravitate to choices like “consideration”, “respect”, “cooperation”, “consistency”, “appreciation”, “honesty”, and “safety”, which seem easy to interpret as getting tied to changes in other people’s behavior.

With practice, Giraffe becomes easier & easier. Statements like “it’s easier to label” (or clearer, more succinct, etc), “compromise is necessary”, or “violence is inevitable to resolve conflicts”, become self-fulfilling prophecies. More precise and life-connected would get spoken like: “I have a habit of labeling, so I can do it with little conscious effort”.

You are *anything* exists as Jackal speak. as do:

Demands Moral Judgements (as opposed to Value Judgements) Evaluations Diagnosis Amptssprache (should, got to, need to, must, have to) Assumptions Interpretation Expectation Obligation Duty Blame Guilt Shame No-Choice Non-Feelings Nominalizations Criticism Analysis Deserve Thinking Allness Omnipotence Threats Hostility Aggression Tragic tactics Selflessness Humility Praise Adoration Domination Approval Compliment Insult Slander Co-dependancy Subjugation Marginalization Libel Offense/Defense Game Joke Honorary excessiveness /deficiency Advise Sympathy Scold Chastise Deny Irresponsibility Wu wu Hokum Dogmatism Spiritualism Proselytizing Preach Appeal to nature Secularism Defer Tyranny Screaming Hokum Charity Hostility Intimidation Badgering Isolation Squib Articulate Carnism Speciesism Domestication Patriarchy Matriarchy Meat Eating Comodification Cooking Salting Oiling Herding Excuses surety projection Insist React/overreact Retaliation Manners Common Sense Patronize Incongruity Astrology Superstition Dismissal 'zzzz' Lambast Assessment Perception Circumlocution Worship Justification philosophizing Rationalization dumping on complain Cast (as in a magical spell) tact NLP Absolutism omnipotence appease ridicule appeal to "proper" spelling and grammar Diversion Avoidance Overkill Delusion Illusion Deception Hucking Herbalism assertion Obedience Crazy Making Speculation Compliment Condensed Gang-Up lecture apology mock