International Intensive Training

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These are nine day residential trainings in Nonviolent Communication, coordinated by the Center for Nonviolent Communication and organized locally in many parts of the world throughout the year.

Schedule of IITs:

The format is always developing, but currently goes something like this:

Each day begins with a remembering (participants sign up to do this): a reading and/or activity to remind us of why we are there - to connect with and learn from one another, to shift our thinking and behavior in the direction of life-serving, heart-connected, power-with ways of living.

Anyone can offer sessions during the four time slots each day, or at any time, so IITs have a very Open Space feel to them. Several paid trainers make sure there are always at least a few options. There are always some introductory sessions toward the beginning, and lots of opportunities to practice giving and receiving empathy and expression, often in creative ways - for example silent empathy or NVC Dance Floors. Other sessions range widely in content and process, here are just a few that are typically offered: healing, social change, mediation, the power of gratitude. Some sessions are are experimental, improvisational, and/or responsive to the moment. They don't have to be about NVC at all, though they are usually in the same spirit, such as aikido, meditation, etc.

In the early evening each day is a time set aside for people to share what that they have learned, and any celebration or mourning (seen as two sides of the same thing in Nonviolent Communication).

And of course a lot of valuable connection and learning happens outside of scheduled activities.

Many other organizations offer lengthy retreats: