GCC Minutes October 12th, 2006 Conference Call

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GCC Members: John Wiley (President, facilitator), Jori Manske (ED), Stefan Wisbauer (Vice-President/ Secretary), Katherine Singer (Treasurer), Valentina Rosenberg, Danielle Beenders (minute taker and CNVC staff rep), Liz Gay (Asia Pacific Circle Rep), Jeff Brown (ENACC Rep), Monica Rue (Eastern European Rep), Kirsten Kristensen (Scandinavian/ Baltic Rep)

Consultants: Marshall Rosenberg and John Buck

Observers: Meta Hough (Oregon, US), Pierre Marie (Paris, France), Rita Herzog (Ohio, USA), Jim Manske (California, USA), Glenda Mattinson (Toronto, Canada), Jacob Gotwals (New Mexico, USA), Diana Young (California, USA)

> Next meeting is the in person meeting in Atlanta from October 22-24, 2006. Next phone meeting: Wednesday, November 15, 2006.


> The Eastern European circle will not be able to send a rep to the Atlanta meeting due to a combination of visa issues and other local commitments.

> The proposed invitation to Marshall to join the GCC was postponed for discussion at the face-to-face meeting

> Comments on the proposed agenda for the face-to-face meeting were gathered, and the agenda will be evolved.


> GCC to make 2 hours time on day 1 to listen to Marshall and Valentina presenting their proposed plan for redefining the relationship between CNVC and Marshall.

> GCC welcomes Kirsten Kristensen as the Scandinavian / Baltic Rep till March 2007.

> A GCC Rep can propose to send a representative proxy from their circle to represent them at meetings.

> The GCC will be available for 15 min from 7-7:15pm on the first and second day of the GCC meeting to listen to observers. There will be a sign-up sheet for this purpose.

Closing round:

Pierre Marie: thankful for all the efforts. Sad that there is no French rep and that he could not hear Liz very well.

Glenda: I am feeling excited and scared around the proposal of Marshall & Valentina. I like to see him involved in decision making. I am grateful we can all listen in on these meetings.

John Buck: it may have been good to have asked to go around asking for a solution on the project topic. Speak a little slower, so others (non English speaking) can follow. Is there anyone leaving on the evening of 25th?

Katherine: thank you for facilitating, look forward to seeing you all.

Kirsten: I feel grateful for the efforts to stay connected. I am mourning I cannot be in Atlanta with you.

Stefan: I felt a little frustrated at the end that we talked 30 mins about giving someone 15 mins on the agenda, but overall very satisfied. I look forward to seeing you all.

Liz: I had fun, I appreciate all the efforts. I am happy to have spent the time on the project discussion.

Jeff: I am excited to meet you all and that we now have Kirsten in our midst since we now have another region represented in the GCC. Frustrated about the project discussion and wished John Buck would have stepped in with his suggestion earlier.

Danielle: I am excited to meet you all. Concerned we will not have time in Atlanta to go in depth on some of the agenda points.

Jori: savoring and glad to have been here. I am concerned for Liz on getting to “the Mountain.”

John Wiley: I am feeling warm, appreciative and sad. I grieve that some parts of my facilitation did not meet everyone's needs. I learned more about sociocracy. Appreciate all the contributions. Thank you.